Instant Expert: Astronomy

Become an instant expert on astronomy. Find motivational mini-lessons and the reference material you need to introduce planets and theories about the solar system.
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Instant Expert: Astronomy

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For Your Own Reference

Pick a DK book, and read the section that is most relevant to your needs.

Eyewitness: Astronomy
Reading Level
This book provides an in-depth, comprehensive look at astronomy with a unique integration of words and pictures. Eyewitness: Astronomy

Astronomy Through the Ages Mini-Lesson

Reading Level: Upper Elementary

Use this slideshow to give students a general introduction to astronomy and to illustrate how theories about the solar system have changed as scientists have gained more information.


Meet the Planets Mini-Lesson

Reading Level: Upper Elementary

Use this slideshow to give students a general overview of the eight planets in our solar system.


Eyewitness: Space Exploration
Reading Level
This is a spectacular and informative guide to the mysteries beyond Earth and the history of space exploration, including original photography of spacecraft, astronauts, satellites and planets. Eyewitness: Space Exploration
Eye Wonder: Invention
Reading Level
From the humble, but essential wheel to the space shuttle and beyond, in the home, in the air, or at the sea, this book shows how inventions have developed through the years to become the most familiar objects around us. Eye Wonder: Invention
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