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    Penguin Sweaters: Saving Birds from Oil Spills

    Learn how to hand-knit sweaters like the ones that helped save Fairy Penguins from the potentially d... read more

    Earth-Altering Accidents

    Discuss the cause and environmental impact of these earth-altering accidents with your students. Hig... read more

    Oil Spills & Disasters

    This list includes major oil spills around the world since 1967. Find information about the circumst... read more

    World's Oil Supply Reading Warm-Up

    This printable warm-up includes a reading passage and comprehension questions about the world's oil ... read more

    Geography Reading Warm-Up: Wetlands

    Improve your students' reading comprehension skills with a short nonfiction passage and multiple-cho... read more

    Easy on the Oil

    This activity focuses on how man affects animal habitats, including how oil damages the environment. read more

    Explore Activity: Exploring a Water Ecosystem

    Students make and observe a water ecosystem. Materials list, advance preparation instructions, lab s... read more

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