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Natural Disasters – Teacher Resources

Our teaching resources for natural disasters include printables, activities, and references on hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Teach your students the science behind these geological and meteorological events with the diverse resources below. You'll find projects, fact sheets, lessons, and more to keep your students engaged year-round! Discuss disaster plans and safety tips with your students to prepare them for emergencies and keep them safe during severe weather.

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

Exploding Mountains Mini-Lesson
Hot Rocks Mini-Lesson
The Restless Air Mini-Lesson
More Mini-Lessons


Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Science Reading Warm-Up: Volcanoes
Science Reading Warm-Up: Earthquakes
Survival Kits
Hurricane Katrina Reading Warm-Up
Science Reading Warm-Up: Hurricanes
More Natural Disaster Printables

Lesson Plans

Comparing Martian Dust Storms to Earth's Cyclones
Build Your Own Volcano


Volcanoes and Earthquakes Quiz
Extreme Weather Quiz


Global Warming: So, What's the Big Deal?
Weather Terms
Hurricane Resource: High Winds
Beaufort Wind Scale
Retired Hurricane Names
The Great White Hurricane
Winter Weather Across America
More Natural Disaster References

Resources on Floods

What Is a Tsunami?
River Erosion
Hurricane Resource: Storm Surge
Extreme Weather Disasters Quiz
Hurricane Basics
Flooding Safety

Tsunami Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Tsunamis
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Reading Warm-Up
Tsunami! Discussion Guide
Fact Sheet: Tsunamis
How a Tsunami Occurs
Dangerous Wave
Tsunami: How Big Can a Wave Get?
More Tsunami Resources

Tornado Resources

Tornadoes and Hurricanes
A Windy Day
Science, Technology, and Society: I'll Huff and I'll Puff
Investigate Activity: Making a Model Tornado
What Causes Severe Storms?

Digital Books

Eyewitness: Natural Disasters
Eyewitness: Hurricane & Tornado
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Language Arts Activities on Natural Disasters

Famous Survivors
Readers Companion for Saint Louis Armstrong Beach
Earth Processes: Family Activity
Hurricane Song Discussion Guide
Key Term Review: Earth's Changing Landscape
Eruption! Volcanoes and the Science of Saving Lives Common Core Discussion & Activity Guide
New Orleans, La.
More Language Arts Activities on Natural Disasters

Hurricane Resources

Storm Trackers
Tracking a Hurricane
How Hurricanes Are Named
Hurricane History
Cyclones Throughout History
A Classroom Guide for Buddy by M.H. Herlong
Stormy Times: Hurricanes
More Hurricane Resources

Resources on Volcanoes

Parts of a Volcano Labeling Worksheet
A Volcano Wordsearch
Volcano Facts
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science
Writing About Volcanoes
Parts of a Volcano
More Resources on Volcanoes

Earthquake Resources

Science and Technology: Earthquake!
Earthquake Quiz
Disasters – Natural and Unnatural
How Do Earthquakes Cause Damage?
What Is the Ring of Fire?
More Earthquake Resources

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