Famous Mathematicians

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The following list contains some of the great mathematicians through history. It offers dates, ethnic origins, and major fields of study.

Abel, Niels (1802–1829); Norwegian; Algebra.
Ahmes (about 1650 B.C.); Egyptian; Geometry.
Aiken, Howard (1900–1973); American; Computers.
Al–Khowarizmi, Muhammed (about 780–850); Arabian; Algebra.
Archimedes (287–212 B.C.); Greek; Algebra, Calculus, Pi.
Aristotle (384–322 B.C.); Greek; Logic, Geometry.
Celsius, Anders (1701–1744); Swedish; Measurement.
Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473–1543); Polish, Trigonometry.
Cray, Seymour (1925– ); American; Computers.
Descartes, Rene (1596–1650); French; Coordinates.
Dodgson, Charles L. (Lewis Carroll, 1832–1898); English; Logic.
Einstein, Albert (1879–1955); German; Geometry, Infinity.
Escher, Maurits Cornelis (1898–1971); Dutch; Geometry.
Euclid (about 365–300 B.C.); Greek; Geometry.
Fahrenheit, Gabriel (1686–1736); German; Measurement.
Fermat, Pierre de (1601–1665); French; Number Theory.
Gauss, Carl Friedrich (1777–1855); German; Geometry, Number Theory.
Germain, Sophie (1776–1831); French; Symmetry.
Hypatia (370–415); Greek; Conic Sections.
Kovalevsky, Sonya (1850–1891); Russian; Number Theory.
Leibniz, Gottfried (1646–1716); German; Logic, Calculus.
Murasaki, Lady (about 978–1031); Japanese; Combinations.
Napier, John (1550–1617); Scottish; Computers, Decimals.
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642–1727); English; Algebra, Calculus.
Noether, Emmy (1882–1935); German; Algebra.
Oresme, Nicole (1323–1382); French; Functions.
Pascal, Blaise (1623–1662); French; Algebra, Computers.
Ptolemy, Claudius (about 85–168); Greek; Trigonometry.
Pythagoras (about 585–507 B.C.); Greek; Geometry.
Ramanujan, Srinivasa (1887–1920); Hindu; Algebra.
Venn, John (1834–1923); English; Sets.
Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519); Italian; Geometry.
Von Neumann, John (1903–1957); Hungarian; Computers.

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