3rd Grade Word Problem Worksheets

Students will have a chance to practice all the major mathematic operations while solving these word problem worksheets.

  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems I
  • These real-life word problems test whether children know when to add and when to subtract. Some difficult vocabulary words, such as "altogether," may need to be explained.

  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems II
  • These word problems require students to do multiple operations (addition and subtraction) in order to solve them. If students have difficulty, discuss the steps involved in each exercise.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems I
  • This printable math worksheet features word problems requiring skills in multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Children will need to choose which order of operation is appropriate for each question.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems II
  • In this worksheet students must choose between addition or subtraction to solve each exercise.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems III
  • Students must choose the operation—either multiplication or division—that is appropriate to solve the equation for each exercise.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems IV
  • The word problems in this printable math worksheet allow students to apply the arithmetic skills they have practiced to real-life situations involving money. They must decide whether it is appropriate to add, multiply, subtract, or divide to complete the exercises.

  • Logic Problems
  • Read the clues to solve the logic problems in this printable math worksheet. Children can use guess-and-check to find the answers, or they can use a systematic approach by eliminating numbers that do not meet the conditions given.

  • Mixed Multiplication
  • To answer the word problems and horizontal multiplication problems in this worksheet, students should be able to use just mental math.

  • Mixed Tables: Monster Multiplication
  • Students solve basic multiplication word problems with this printable math worksheet. They must use mental math to find the answers.

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