3rd Grade Geometry Worksheets

These worksheets will introduce your students to geometry and develop your student's knowledge of their geometric concepts and shapes.
Updated on: August 29, 2017

  • 3-Dimensional Shapes
  • Students draw a circle around the vertex of each 3-dimensional shape.

  • Congruency
  • Figures that are the same shape and size are congruent; children must find the congruent shapes in this geometry worksheet. Point out that shapes do not have to be oriented in the same way in order to be congruent.

  • Fractions of Shapes (1⁄2 or 1⁄3)
  • Children shade 1⁄2 or 1⁄3 of each shape in this worksheet to review fractions. Children may shade in any combination of the sections as long as the shaded area represents the fraction.

  • Fractions of Shapes (2⁄3 or 3⁄4)
  • To show the fraction listed, children shade in a part of the objects. Students may shade in any combination of the sections as long as the total shaded area represents the fraction.

  • Fractions of Shapes (Fifths and Tenths)
  • To review fractions, children shade in the shapes to represent each amount. Children may shade in any combination of the sections as long as the shaded area represents the fraction.

  • Lines of Symmetry I
  • Teach your students about lines of symmetry and how they are used to tell if a shape is symmetrical. In this exercise students need to find and draw the correct line of symmetry.

  • Lines of Symmetry II
  • On each shape, students find and draw the line of symmetry. If they choose the wrong line of symmetry, provide them with a mirror to help them find the correct answer.

  • Parts of a Whole
  • Use shaded pictures to demonstrate fractions with this printable math worksheet. Remind students that the denominator is the total number of parts, and the numerator is the number of shaded parts.

  • Perimeters of Squares and Rectangles I
  • Using the metric system of measurement (centimeters), students find the perimeter of the squares and rectangles.

  • Perimeters of Squares and Rectangles II
  • Using the metric system (centimeters and kilometers) or the U.S. customary system (inches, yards, etc.), students find the perimeters of squares and rectangles in this measurement worksheet.

  • Polygons
  • Students match polygons to the corresponding solid figures in this geometry worksheet. Then, they demonstrate knowledge of shape names by choosing which shape is the octagon, rectangle, pentagon, etc.

  • Properties of Polygons
  • Under each description of a polygon, there are several shapes to choose from. Children circle the shape that matches the description.

  • Symmetry: Complete Each Shape
  • To practice the concept of symmetry, students complete the shape by drawing the mirror image on the other side of the dotted line.

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