3rd Grade Estimation & Probability Worksheets

Give students the practice to work on their estimation and probability skills with these worksheets.

  • Probability
  • Probability is reviewed in this printable math worksheet. Children should realize that the more of a particular item there is in a set, the more likely it is to be picked

  • Rounding Decimals
  • In this exercise, students must round each monetary amount and unit of measurement to the nearest dollar or meter, respectively.

  • Rounding to the Nearest 10
  • Using a number line, students round numbers to the nearest ten in this math worksheet.

  • Rounding to the Nearest 100
  • Students round to the nearest 100 in this exercise. Children should recognize that amounts of 50 and above are rounded up, and amounts below 50 are rounded down.

  • Rounding to the Nearest Whole Unit
  • Practice rounding to the nearest whole dollar or meter, with this printable math worksheet. Children should recognize that amounts of 50 cents or 50 cm and above are rounded up, and amounts below 50 cents or 50 cm are rounded down.

  • Word Problems: Estimating
  • Estimate to find the answers to the word problems in this math worksheet. Children should use a compatible number—one that is easy to manipulate in the problem—while they estimate.

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