Kindergarten Sorting Worksheets

Give your students practice at identifying certain objects and sorting them into groups based on color, number and shape.
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  • Sort the Snails

    Students sort the snails by their patterns, in this worksheet. They match and count each type of snail pictured.

  • Sorting Sets of Food

    Students try sorting the sets in this sorting worksheet. They draw a line from the first set of apples to the rest of the apples, then repeat the exercise with bananas, ice cream cones, and candy. Then the count how many are in each set.

  • Sorting the Animals I

    Children count the number of legs each animal has, then draw a line from that animal to the corresponding number on the boat.

  • Sorting the Animals II

    Practice counting and sorting with this math worksheet. Students circle the animals with the number of legs specified in the box.

  • Sorting the Fish by Numbers

    Children match the fish—which are printed with numbers—to the corresponding fisherman. Use this math worksheet to give students practice sorting and matching.

  • Sorting the Fish by Patterns

    In this sorting worksheet, students match the patterns on the backs of the fish to the pattern on fishermen's hats.

  • Sorting the Toys

    Students try sorting out the sets in this worksheet. They draw a line from the set of toys with wheels to the rest of the toys with wheels, then they repeat the exercise with the rest of the toys.

  • Sorting the Trees

    After counting the number of apples on each tree, students sort the trees by how many apples they have. Then they draw more trees according to the directions given.

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