Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets

These worksheets will help you teach your students how to draw and identify basic shapes and what makes each shape unique. This will develop the foundation for understanding more complicated subjects in math such as geometry.

  • Adding to Sets of Shapes

    In this exercise, students add more objects to each of the sets of shapes. Then, they draw their own set of shapes following the directions given.

  • Blue Circles

    In this exercise, children color and draw circles, and trace the word "blue" to learn to recognize the color word.

  • Clown Dot-to-Dot (1-9)

    Children count forward from 1 to 9 to complete this connect-the-dot clown picture. Then, they identify the shapes in the picture.

  • Color the Pattern

    Students color in each shape (circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles) using the color key. Each shape is assigned a particular color (blue, red, green, and yellow).

  • Draw and Count the Circles

    Teach your children how to draw and count circles in this worksheet.

  • Draw and Count the Rectangles

    Rectangles are the focus of this math worksheet. Students draw and count rectangles to demonstrate shape recognition.

  • Draw and Count the Squares

    Students draw and count squares to demonstrate shape recognition.

  • Draw and Count the Triangles

    Teach your students how to draw a triangle.

  • Finish the Castle Picture

    Reinforce children's understanding of positional language in this exercise. Students complete the castle picture by following directions to draw objects "above" and "between." Then, they count the shapes in the picture.

  • Green Squares

    Students demonstrate their ability to identify and draw squares. They also trace and write the word "green" before coloring in the squares.

  • Match the Shapes I

    To demonstrate both color and shape recognition, students must draw a line from each shape to its partners using the specified color.

  • Match the Shapes II

    Practice recognizing shapes that are "the same" in this matching worksheet. Children color the big triangles red and the small circle blue. Then they count the number of triangles and circles they colored.

  • Red Triangles

    Students demonstrate their ability to identify and draw triangles. They must also trace and write the word "red" before coloring in the triangles with that color.

  • Yellow Rectangles

    This worksheet will give your students practice at identifying rectangles and coloring them in.

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