4th Grade Graphs, Charts, and Tables Worksheets

Teach your students how to integrate data and equations into charts, graphs and tables. Learning how to graph is a very important part of grasping more advanced math concepts such as algebra, geometry and calculus.
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  • Coordinate Graphs

    Students are asked to write coordinate pairs for symbols on a graph and place points on a graph using the coordinates provided.

  • Looking at Line Graphs

    Use this math worksheet to give students practice reading and interpreting line graphs.

  • Probability

    Give students practice with probability, graphs, and tables. Students read tally tables and a bar graph to compare the number of items and determine which scenario is most or least likely.

  • Probability Lines

    Using probability lines, children evaluate the likelihood of each event and categorize their answers in this math worksheet.

  • Reading Bar Graphs

    Students read and interpret vertical and horizontal bar graphs to answer questions in this math worksheet.

  • Reading Tally Charts

    This math worksheet gives students practice reading tally charts and comparing values.

  • Reading Timetables

    In this transportation-themed math worksheet, students read across the rows and columns of a timetable to find the answers.

  • Using Bar Graphs

    Using horizontal and vertical bar graphs, students find, compare, and manipulate information to answer the questions in this math worksheet.

  • Using Information in Tables

    Students read, compare, and manipulate information in a table to answer the questions in this math worksheet.

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