1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Give your students the necessary subtraction practice they need with these worksheets. These activities will give your students a chance to practice their subtraction skills which is crucial to their development in other subjects in math.
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  • One More or One Less?

    Students practice adding and subtracting 1 from numbers up to 20. Pictures of candies will help students complete some of the problems by encouraging them to create their own number stories.

  • One-Digit Fact Families

    Teach students about fact families with this printable math worksheet. Children complete basic addition and subtraction problems to find the fact families.

  • Picture Graphs III

    Children need to count items in the pictographs for each category, and then add, subtract, and compare data.

  • Reading Tables II

    Give students practice reading tables with this math exercise. This worksheet has students read the tables, then answer the corresponding questions.

  • Real-Life Word Problems

    Solve the real-life word problems by using the pictures on this printable math worksheet as clues. Students must decide which operation to use and what kind of answer each question calls for—addition or subtraction.

  • Subtracting Animals & Fruit

    By crossing out a certain number of objects pictured, and counting how many objects are left, students demonstrate the ability to complete basic subtraction problems. Numbers from 0 to 15 are used in this printable math worksheet.

  • Subtraction Word Problems

    Visual cues may help students solve these subtraction word problems.

  • Subtraction: Comparing Quantities

    Using picture comparisons as a guide, students solve simple subtraction problems then write out a sentence describing the problem.

  • Subtractions Tables

    Students complete subtraction tables in this printable math worksheet, subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers from two-digit numbers. Values up to 30 are used.

  • Two-Digit Minus One-Digit Subtraction

    Using horizontal subtraction, students subtract a one-digit number from a two-digit number. There is no regrouping in this exercise.

  • Two-Digit Subtraction

    Using horizontal subtraction, students subtract two-digit numbers up to 99. There is no regrouping in this exercise.

  • Two-Digit Subtraction by 10s

    Using horizontal subtraction, students subtract two-digit multiples of ten. There is no regrouping in this exercise.

  • Two-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping

    In this printable math worksheet of vertical subtraction problems, students practice subtracting two-digit numbers with regrouping. Both regular numbers and monetary values are utilized here.

  • Two-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping and Units

    Most of the vertical subtraction exercises in this printable math worksheet require regrouping. Units of measurement, amounts of money, and standard two-digit numbers are used in these problems.

  • 1 Less or 1 More

    To practice adding and subtracting the number one, students must count, draw, and write "1 more" or "1 less" than the numbers provided. Knowledge of the numbers from 0 to 100 is necessary for this printable math worksheet.

  • 10 More or 10 Less

    Add or subtract 10 from each of the numbers provided, from 0 to 30, in this printable math worksheet. This exercise will help students practice mental math skills for addition and subtraction.

  • Add and Subtract the Missing Numbers

    Add and subtract to find the missing numbers in these horizontal number sentences. Numbers from 0 to 20 are covered in this addition and subtraction printable.

  • Counting Back

    Students count the backwards steps of a frog to complete simple horizontal subtraction problems. Then, they use mental math to solve more subtraction problems.

  • Counting Down to 0

    Students complete multi-step subtraction problems that all end with a difference of zero. Children practice mental math in this space-themed subtraction worksheet.

  • Counting Forward or Back

    Give students practice counting by ones with this printable math worksheet. Students count forwards and backwards by one to complete each number sequence.

  • Crossing Out Shapes

    Using two-dimensional shapes as visual clues, students cross out objects to solve basic subtraction problems in this printable math worksheet.

  • Equations: Add & Subtract

    Students add and subtract using pictures as a guide. Make sure children understand that animals approaching each other represent addition, and animals moving away from each other represent subtraction.

  • Fact Families up to 20

    Both one- and two-digit numbers are covered in this printable addition and subtraction worksheet. Students use the 3 numbers provided to write 4 different families.

  • Finish the Fact Families

    Practice using fact families with numbers from 1 to 10, in this printable math worksheet. Both addition and subtraction skills are tested here.

  • Horizontal Subtraction Problems

    Using camping objects as visual clues, students complete basic horizontal subtraction problems by determining how many objects are missing. Encourage children to say the numbers as they count and write the problems.

  • More and Less by 1, 10, and 100

    Practice the concepts of "more" and "less" with this printable math worksheet. Students find which numbers are 1, 10, or 100 more or less than the numbers listed.

  • More or Less by 1 and 10

    Students complete basic addition and subtraction problems using the numbers 1 and 10. Pictures will help children complete the problems in this space-themed math worksheet.

  • Number Puzzles

    Solve the number puzzles featured in this printable math worksheet by reading these addition and subtraction word problems.

  • Number Value Comparisons

    Number comparisons are reviewed in this printable math worksheet. Using playing cards, students determine whether the first number is greater than or less than the second. Then, children write numbers that are one more and one less than the value provided.

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