5th Grade Comparing Values Worksheets

Have your students practice comparing and ordering numbers with decimals, comparing areas, ordering large numbers, and more with these worksheets.

  • Comparing and Ordering Decimals
  • Compare values and order the decimal numbers in this worksheet. Students must find the greatest decimal and order decimals from greatest to least. The last section of this worksheet features word problems.

  • Comparing Fractions
  • Give students practice comparing fractions with different denominators. In this math worksheet, students must determine which fraction is greater and which fractions are equal. In the third section, children put fractions in order from least to greatest; they should convert all the fractions into a common form before answering the question.

  • Decimal Place Value
  • Have students find the place value of a digit and compare decimal values in this math worksheet. Be sure they understand that the place value of a digit is the place that it is in, while the value of the digit is the amount that it is worth in that place.

  • Estimating Sums and Differences
  • To complete the first part of this math worksheet, students round the numbers to the leading digit, then estimate the sum or difference. In the second section, students round numbers, add, subtract, and compare values to determine if each sum or difference is less than or greater than the given number.

  • Ordering Large Numbers
  • Give students practice ordering large numbers from least to greatest in this math worksheet. Students will also use voting results to place political candidates in order from first to fifth.

  • Reading Bar Graphs
  • Students read bar graphs and compare data to answer the questions in this math worksheet.

  • Recognizing Equivalent Fractions
  • Use this activity to test students knowledge of multiplication and division. Students must find the missing number that makes each pair of fractions equal. They apply the same method to make each row of fractions equal in the second half of this math worksheet.

  • Rounding Mixed Numbers
  • Help students understand when to round up and when to round down. First, students practice recognizing fractions that are more than or less than 1⁄2; then, they round mixed numbers to the closest whole number.

  • Showing Decimals
  • Students will use their knowledge of the tenths and hundredths place to compare values and order the decimals on the number lines.

  • Writing Equivalent Fractions
  • Students use their knowledge of multiplication and division to find the missing number that makes each pair of fractions equal.

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