5th Grade Addition Worksheets

These worksheets will help your students learn and practice more advanced forms of addition such as adding fractions, decimals, perimeters and more.
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  • 3 & 4 Addend Addition
  • Challenge students' column addition skills with this practice worksheet. Students must find the sums for vertical addition problems with large numbers (up to four digits), three or more addends, and regrouping

  • 3 & 4 Addend Addition with Larger Numbers
  • Once your students get comfortable practicing their addition skills this worksheet will test them to see how good their addition skills are.

  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions I
  • In this math worksheet, students add fractions with common denominators. They must find the greatest common factor to reduce each sum to its simplest form.

  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions II
  • Use this math worksheet to give students practice adding fractions with common denominators, simplifying sums, and renaming answers as mixed numbers.

  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions III
  • Give students practice adding fractions with different denominators. In this math worksheet, students must rewrite fractions with common denominators, add fractions, simplify fractions, and rename answers as mixed numbers.

  • Adding & Simplifying Mixed Numbers
  • In this fractions worksheet, students find common denominators, rename mixed numbers, add mixed numbers, and simplify fractions to find the answers.

  • Adding & Simplifying Mixed Numbers and Fractions
  • To add the mixed numbers in this fractions worksheet, students need to find common denominators. Then, they rename answers as proper mixed numbers.

  • Adding with Different Numbers of Digits I
  • The mix of vertical addition, horizontal addition, and word problems in this worksheet give students practice adding two-digit numbers to three-digit numbers.

  • Adding with Different Numbers of Digits II
  • In this worksheet students can practice adding large numbers with different numbers of digits.

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems I
  • Use these word problems to give students practice adding and subtracting money and units of measure. Students will add or subtract three-, four-, and five-digit numbers to solve these real-life problems.

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems II
  • Help your students practice their addition and subtraction with these real life word problems with equations using money, time,
    and measurement.

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems III
  • Develop students' problem-solving skills with everyday word problems. Students will add and subtract money and units of measure to solve these problems.

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems IV
  • Students will apply addition and subtraction skills to real-life word problems involving measurements. Remind students to take care when units of measurement need to be converted.

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems V
  • Test students' arithmetic skills with real-life word problems involving units of measurement.Students must multiply, add, or subtract whole numbers, decimals, and fractions to solve the problems in this math worksheet.

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems VI
  • To solve the equations in these worksheets students will need to implement addition and subtraction to multi digit problems.

  • Decimal Addition I
  • Use this math worksheet to give students practice with adding decimals to the hundredths place. Students add four-digit numbers in horizontal and vertical format.

  • Decimal Addition II
  • Practice addition with decimals to the thousandths place with this math worksheet. Students add four- and five-digit numbers in horizontal and vertical format.

  • Estimating Sums and Differences
  • To complete the first part of this math worksheet, students round the numbers to the leading digit, then estimate the sum or difference. In the second section, students round numbers, add, subtract, and compare values to determine if each sum or difference is less than or greater than the given number.

  • Estimating Sums of Money
  • Demonstrate how students can use rounding to estimate sums. In this addition worksheet, students round the leading digit of a decimal number before adding to estimate the sum. The second section contains horizontal addition problems; students need to estimate by rounding mentally.

  • Identifying Increasing & Decreasing Number Patterns
  • To continue each number pattern in this math worksheet, students determine which number to add to or subtract from the first number to total the second number, then check to make sure that the same operation turns the second number into the third. This worksheet includes increasing and decreasing number patterns.

  • Identifying Increasing Number Patterns
  • In this worksheet the goal is for students to add the numbers in the sequence to find the correct answer.

  • Identifying Patterns: Decimals & Mixed Numbers
  • See what operation turns the first number into the second number, and the second number in to the third number. Then, continue the pattern of decimals or mixed numbers.

  • Perimeter of Shapes
  • Teach students how to find the perimeter of squares and rectangles with this geometry worksheet. Students must add the lengths and widths of each rectangle to find the shape's perimeter. They should be familiar with decimals and the U.S. customary system

  • Simple Use of Parentheses: Adding & Subtracting
  • Review the order of operations with this arithmetic worksheet. Remind students that they must work out the brackets first, before they add or subtract the results. These multi-step problems involve addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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