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Teach your students the proper way to use the library, from the Dewey Decimal System, to reading dictionaries and encyclopedias, to researching. Whether you're teaching social studies, literature, or science, you'll find plenty of cross-curricular activities to practice library use. Your students are sure to improve their library skills with these printables, references, and other resources.

Dictionary-Use Printables

Choose a Picture Dictionary
Using the Dictionary
Dictionary Fun at the Circus
Dictionary Fun
Finding It in a Dictionary
The Monster
Fruit Basket Delight

Encyclopedia-Use Printables

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Teacher's Guide
Learning About Encyclopedias II
Using Encyclopedias
Making a Bibliography for an Encyclopedia
Learning About Encyclopedias I
Finding It in an Encyclopedia
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Hunting for an Animal
Animation in the World
What Is Chlorogalum pomeridianum?
Activity: Naming Bones
Library Activities Printable Book (K-4)
Activity: Muscles and Movement

Dewey Decimal System & Call Numbers

A Guide to Library Books: The Dewey Decimal System
Call Numbers
Find the Call Number
Whooooo and What?
Book Hunt!
Nonfiction Books in the 200's & 800's
Nonfiction Books in the 500's & 900's
Nonfiction Books in the 300's and 700's
Activity: Another Classification System
Decimals and the Number Line (Gr. 5)
Library Activities Printables Slideshow

Fiction & Library Printables

Fiction or Nonfiction?
My Favorite Fairy Tale
Fiction and Nonfiction Books
Tall Tales
Favorite Fairy Tale Book
American Tall Tales
A Bunch of Books
More Fiction Printables

Nonfiction & Library Printables

Learning About Famous People
Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Birds Teacher's Guide
Know Your Nonfiction!
Research Activities Printable Book (Grades K-4)
Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Oceans and Seas Teacher's Guide
Sampling Nonfiction
Hop to It!
More Nonfiction Printables

Holiday Activities

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon, 2005 - 2015
Famous Black Americans
Myths About Explorers
Thanksgiving in Colonial America
Flag Day: Library Skills
My Favorite Poem
Kaufman Focus Guides by Kenn Kaufman
Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Animal Disguises Teacher's Guide
Kingfisher Knowledge Guide: Dangerous Creatures Teacher's Guide

Art & Library Skills Connected

Who Gives a Hoot?
Make a Dinosaur
Look for a Book
Choosing Books
Checking It Out
My Favorite Animal Story
A Book Case of Color
Explore Elephants of All Kinds
What I Like to Read About
Kingfisher Knowledge Guide: Castles & Forts Teacher's Guide
Satisfy Your Curiosity: Sign-up for a Library Card! Coloring Sheet

Science & Library Skills Connected

On the Brink of Becoming Extinct
Bio of a Famous Scientist
Planetary Facts
The Oceans of the World
Animals and Their Young
Researching the Right Dog
Dinosaur Facts Part II
"The Bear" Facts -- Library Skills
Animals in Story Books
Thomas Edison Revisited
Library Lion Story Hour Guide and Event Kit
Dinosaur Facts Part I
Dinosaur Fingertip Facts
Science Activity: Identifying an Organism's Needs
Activity: Dinosaurs and Geologic Time
Dinosaur Facts Part IV
Dinosaur Facts Part III
Investigate an Invention
Classifying Rocks
Is This a Water Horse? A Hippo? A Hog?

Social Studies & Library Skills Connected

Continents of the World
State Scavenger Hunt
Thomas Jefferson
The Dedication Page
My Author
Library Skills: Biographies
More Library Skills Resources for Social Studies


Types of Reference Books
World History 1-999 A.D.

Library Event Kits

Bats at the Library Event Kit
Zathura: A Space Adventure Event Kit
Tacky Goes to Camp Event Kit
Roscoe Riley Rules Event Kit
Read All About It Event Kit
Bear Wants More Event Kit
The World of Shel Silverstein - A Guide for Teachers and Librarians

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