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Language Arts Teacher Resources

The subject of Language Arts includes the alphabet, writing, vocabulary, spelling, speech, penmanship, and grammar. Our most popular lessons and printables will help your students master these resources. Find alphabetizing worksheets, printable books on grammar, handwriting practice sheets, creative writing activities, vocabulary drills, pronunciation guides, and much more. Also included are language arts computer activities, graphic organizers, and slideshows.

Alphabet Activities (K-2)

Lowercase and Uppercase Cursive Alphabet
Letter Identification
Naming Words - Grammar Skill (Gr. K)
Curious George's First Day of School Teacher's Guide
Martin Luther King Jr. Alphabetizing
More Alphabet Activities (K-2)

Alphabet Activities (3-5)

Daily Language Arts Printables, Grade 5
Indian Symbols and Meanings
Marine Animals Alphabet Activity
My Little Letter Book -- A and B
Cursive Handwriting -- Tt
More Alphabet Activities (3-5)

Vocabulary Resources (K-5)

Poetry Terms Glossary
Same Name Word Puzzle
Parts of Speech Sentence Fun
Organ Systems in the Human Body
Building Vocabulary
More Vocabulary Resources (K-5)

Vocabulary Resources (6-8)

Feeling Words Chart
Transition Words and Phrases
Literacy Glossary
Science Key-Term Crossword Puzzle
Analogy Organizer
More Vocabulary Resources (6-8)

Spelling Resources

School Jobs Crossword Puzzle
Word Squares
Find the Misspelled Word Quiz
Scoring Rubric: Research Report/Paper
Spelling Using Think, Pair, Share
More Popular Spelling Resources

Grammar Resources

Paragraph Writing: Similarities and Differences
Write Your Own Mad Libs®
Scoring Rubric: Poetry
More Grammar – Teacher Resources

Creative Writing Resources

Who Am I? – Character Description
Sample Essay Outlines
Character Traits
Research Paper: How to Write a Bibliography
Creative Writing with Photo Inspiration
More Creative Writing Resources

Composition Resources

Writing a Book Report
Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
Research Paper: Write a First Draft
Writing Activity: Describe the Rain Scene
Top 10 Writing Graphic Organizers Gallery
More Popular Composition Resources

Journalism Activities

Be a Journalist!
The Feature Story
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -- Newspaper Ad
Charlotte's Web Newspaper Project
Reading the Newspaper
More Journalism Activities

Graphic Organizers

Reading Comprehension Sequence Chain
Story Map Graphic Organizer
Five-Paragraph Essay
Main Idea and Supporting Details Web
Five Elements of a Plot
More Popular Language Arts Graphic Organizers

Reading & Language Arts Rubrics

Rubrics for Writing -- Elementary/Intermediate
Rubrics for Writing -- Primary
Presentation Rubrics
Scoring Rubric: Summary
Scoring Rubric: Literary Analysis/Interpretation
More Popular Reading & Language Arts Rubrics

Holiday Fun

"I'm Thankful for . . ."
Have a Heart
African Folk Tales: Background Information
Shape Poems
O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi"
"Choose Your Own Adventure" Stories
Tap Your Feet
More Popular Language Arts Holiday Activities

Art Connections

Summer Fun Worksheets
Facial Expressions Chart
Top 10 Books by Eric Carle
Writing to a Picture
Ten Art Questions
More Popular Art Activities for Language Arts

Biography Connections

Life Is Sweet: The Story of Milton Hershey
Getting to Know Me
Popular Biography Printables for Grades 6-12
Popular Biography Printables for Grades K-5
Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl – Project Ideas, Comprehension Tests & Activities
More Popular Biography Activities for Language Arts

Science Connections

Life in the Sea
Photosynthesis Worksheet
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities Booklet
What Am I? Icebreaker
"The Grasshopper and the Owl": A Fable by Aesop
More Popular Science Activities for Language Arts

Music Connections

"Frere Jacques" Translations
Write a Script
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Classical Music: Improving Children's Development
Present a Skit
More Popular Music Activities for Language Arts

Mathematics Connections

The Middle Ages: Medieval Towns Activity Packet
TeacherVision.com RSS Feeds
Four Column Chart
SIR RIGHT: A Strategy for Math Problem Solving
Triple Venn Diagram
More Popular Mathematics Activities for Language Arts

Technology Connections

Story Starters
Getting into Grammar
Letter Writing
Galactic Hot Dogs Teaching Guide: Episodes 1-4
Wonders of the World Questions
More Popular Technology Activities for Language Arts

Penmanship/Handwriting Exercises

Report Card Comments & Phrases—General and Handwriting
Getting to Know Each Other Through Poetry
Cursive Handwriting -- Aa
My Little Alphabet Picture Book
The Pen Is Mightier
More Penmanship Resources

Speech Resources

Tongue Twisters
Informal Debates
Syllabication Practice
Rhyming Word Match-Up
Work Readiness Skills: Teacher Observations Checklist
More Speech Resources

Linguistics Resources

Frindle Teacher's Guide
The Hobbit Teacher's Guide
Secret Codes: Code Creation Exercise
Languages by Country
Amazing Language Facts
Ten Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World
More than One
Scattergorize, Part 1
Toboggan Run
Write the Sentence
Tolkien's Middle-earth Unit 2: Runes, Riddles, and a Ring of Power
Be a Linguist for Music Terms

Foreign Language Resources

Recognizing Cognates
Idioms (Background/Vocabulary)
How Do You Say Hello?
Tsunami! Discussion Guide
¿Cómo se dice en español?
More Foreign Languages Resources


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