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    Instant Expert: Water

    Become an instant expert on water. Find motivational mini-lessons and the reference material you nee... read more


    Which Is More Acidic, Snow or Rain?

    Using this hands-on science project, familiarize pupils with the pH scale by having them use pH pape... read more


    Copper Magic

    Inspire your students to learn about chemical reactions with this printable science activity. Studen... read more


    What's in a ? Experiments in Chromatography

    Introduce your students to chromatography with this printable science activity. Students separate th... read more


    What Materials Make the Best Crystals?

    While learning about the properties of different saturated solutions, pupils grow crystals using sal... read more


    Can You Be a Human Battery?

    Introduce your pupils to the world of batteries with this printable science activity. Pupils use a m... read more


    Are All Pennies Created Equal?

    Teach your students about the chemical compounds within a penny with this hands-on science activity.... read more


    What Substance Melts Ice Fastest?

    Pupils learn about the states of matter with this printable science activity. Have your pupils sprin... read more


    What Household Cleaners Break Down Jell-O Best?

    Pupils discover which common household cleaner most effectively breaks down Jell-O while learning ab... read more

    Literature Guide

    Twinkie, Deconstructed Teacher's Guide

    Explore the modern food industry, the history of food processing, and the role foods play in our cul... read more

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