Let's Collaborate: Share Your Expertise!

Want to be a contributor to the TeacherVision Editorial Team? Here's how!

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Are you a teacher or education expert that wants to share your expertise or advice with millions of teachers in the US and around the globe? TeacherVision is looking for collaborators in the education space to help us provide teachers with timely and practical teaching and learning resources and thought leadership.

With our expanding reach and reputation as the go to education site on the web coupled with your experience and knowledge, we can be the go-to resource for teachers everywhere.

Check out the opportunities below for ways we can start working together to support teachers worldwide!

Are you a writer?
We are always looking for writers to share their teaching expertise with our community. While we’ve been providing teachers with resources and thought leadership for 15+ years, we are always looking for a fresh perspective on everything from lesson planning to classroom management to differentiating instruction. We can all learn from each others’ teaching experience. 

Are you an expert?
We are always looking to grow our team of education experts. We collaborate with educators throughout the education space to create the most accurate and up-to-date content.

Are you a current classroom teacher? Join the TeacherVision Advisory Board!
The TeacherVision Advisory Board is a group of classroom teachers who are experts in designing and creating and curating resources for teachers. They want to share their learnings and best practices with TeacherVision’s members and by doing so, support as many educators as they can to be the best possible teachers they can be.

Advisory board members contribute monthly to TeacherVision by renovating and curating existing content, writing for the blog, and contributing resources. This is a great opportunity to bring a large audience of teachers to your work in the classroom.

TeacherVision Advisory Board Benefits and Perks

  1. Free TeacherVision subscription
  2. TeacherVision swag
  3. Recognition on TeacherVision website
  4. Blogging, content creation and curation opportunities
  5. Monthly compensation

TeacherVision Advisory Board Expectations

  1. Frequently use TeacherVision resources and recommend TeacherVision to colleagues
  2. Grow the use of TeacherVision by promoting Teacher Vision on social media
  3. Renovate existing TeacherVision content
  4. Create new TeacherVision content
  5. Contribute to the TeacherVision blog

Interested or excited about any of these opportunities?
Email us: teachers@fen.com

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