50 Delightfully Inventive Math Bulletin Board Ideas

Transform your math classroom into a vibrant and inspiring learning environment with '50 Math Bulletin Board Ideas.' From geometry to algebra, this article has everything you need to create engaging visual displays for your students.

math bulletin board ideas

Math is an essential part of our everyday lives. Getting high school and middle school students excited about math class is necessary. As a math teacher, you’ve considered things to do for your classroom decor of exciting tidbits to make numbers, symbols, and subtraction come alive for your students. TeacherVision can help you jazz up your classroom bulletin boards with polygons, number lines, and decimals.

What are some good math bulletin board ideas?

1. Be a Problem Solver

Problem-solving is something we have to do in everyday life. The great thing about learning to solve problems is that it encompasses various parts of daily activity.

2. Math Talk

Math has its language. Some easily understand it, but others struggle with it. Help your students speak this universal language.

3. Math Collage

A math collage shows the many parts of math and incorporates an eye-catching artistic twist.

4. Growth Mindset

The subject of math takes a level of understanding to comprehend. The bonus of working towards comprehension is the students develop a mindset to elevate and improve themselves.

5. Math Tree

Is there anything we can’t make into a tree?

6. Every Problem Has a Solution

Problems are a part of life, and this bulletin board idea is encouraging. Kids must learn there is always a solution to an issue or problem.

7. Mathematicians

A mathematician is such a cool name for people who have made math their lives. But anyone can claim this title if they use math every day.

8. Math Word Walls

Here is a way to scaffold math vocabulary and concepts with visuals. Math word walls for elementary, middle, and high school math provide excellent bulletin board material.

9. How To Rock At Math

Math does have rock stars!

10. Math is All About

This bulletin board is great at explaining (and displaying) what math is about and its importance in our lives.

11. #MathTalk 2

Talking math is like speaking another language, but one that is universal. Having strategies on your bulletin or white board is a great reminder of what students need to know.

12. Math Joke of the Week

Jokes are a great way to help students understand concepts they cannot quickly absorb. With bulletin board material like this, math class can become fun for the student.

13. Sudoku

I love Sudoku! Putting a Sudoku chart on your walls, with students working together to solve it, will bring unlikely students together.

14. Everything Math

Blending two disciplines can have long-lasting effects. This board is a creative, eye-catching, and fantastic way to understand how math and art can be one.

15. Graphs

You will quickly discover which students in your class gravitate toward graphs. More than likely, they are perceptive and like dealing with facts and bottom lines. These students may be future business leaders.

16. Figure Me Out

This board plays on human beings' natural tendency to be nosey. This is one of the best things you can put up to engage students and teach them valuable lessons about not judging people.

17. Think You Don’t Need Math?

Think again! Here is another excellent example of how math is part of life. The possibilities in which we use this discipline are endless.

18. Why Math?

This board approaches students on a deep, intellectual level. School is about teaching students how to think for themselves.

19. Take a Bite Out of Word Problems

Word problems are the bane of many students' existence. But if you can break down how to approach a word problem, they can deduce what is needed to solve it successfully.

20. Everyone Has Value

it’s important to inform students of their importance to the world. Here is an excellent example of using math to accomplish this. Many students become discouraged when they need help to perform a specific task or live up to expectations. As a teacher, you can help to imprint a good image of yourself.

Math art project resource for board worthy content: Tessellations Worksheets

21. Math to Make You Laugh

With this board, hopefully, the students are laughing with you.

22. Have You Used Math Today?

Talk about all the ways math is practical! This board is excellent for students who do not think math is more than the classroom.

23. Math Helps Us Bloom

Everything a person does is a step toward becoming the person they need to evolve into. Explaining such a thing might be too deep for them, but they can understand how math can help them develop as people.

24. We Are Mathematicians, Also Known As

Our identities are complex constructs of our environments. A student taking math is a mathematician. But with that, they are everything else on this board as well.

25. So Many Reasons To Love Math

Here is a fun board. The teacher creatively connected Valentine's Day with math for a unique and inspiring message for their students.

26. Place Value

27. Math Pennants

Baseball is an old past-time in the US. This board will be a hit with students who play baseball.

28. Algebra II Bulletin Board

29. Operation Equation

Here is a great math activity for your class to engage your students in math. People are natural problem solvers. Don't be surprised if the quiet student in your class comes up to you to let you know they solved the problem. That’s a win!

30. The Slope of a Line

The slope of a line is a concept that could be clearer for some students. This bulletin board poster will help them and look GREAT on your classroom wall.

31. Current Algebra Topics

32. Our New Year Matholution

Incorporating New Year’s resolutions with the goals for your math class is a creative way to get students to buy into the learning. What other occasions or holidays could you use in correlation with math?

33. How To Learn Math

It's surprising how many students need to learn how to study. A "cheat" on learning is a helpful tool for any classroom.

34. Matchbook Bulletin Board

This teacher's 5th graders had been working hard on their math lessons, so she wanted them to show off what they were learning. She created a math bulletin board in the hallway to show the school what they had learned.

35. C.U.B.E.S.

This board is a back-to-school idea. It provides a straightforward explanation of solving problems and how to go about it as a formula.

Math art project resource for board worthy content: Art Activity Choice Board for Elementary

36. We Know The Magic In Math

There is a way for anyone to understand math. That’s the magic in this bulletin board.

37. #MathTalk 3

"Can you explain it again," "My first step was," and "Tell me how you" are all great for a math talk board.

38. Math Teaches Us How To

There are many things math teaches us, and passing this knowledge on to students helps them understand its importance in life.

39. Math Is Sweet

Candyland is a favorite among people of all ages. When you get into the nuts and bolts, it is a game of math. And a person wins, or can it ever be so sweet?

40. Math Is All About

41. Math the Med

As much as we can use bulletin boards to teach subjects, it's important to remember to use them as encouragement. This board has many beautiful words of encouragement for students who struggle.

42. Gee-I’m-A-Tree!

This teacher was barking up the right tree with this idea. Play-on words are mind-benders that add flair to the classroom decor.

43. Math Funhouse

Math can be a funhouse! This board features a simple house with each window having a problem to solve.

44. Math Selfie

The math selfie board reminds students of the instructions to get full credit for their work. The directions are short and straightforward, making them manageable for the students.

45. Fraction Sundaes

How much of which flavor do you have in your bowl? Have the kids pick out their favorite flavors of ice cream and create their fraction sundaes.

46. Having a Ball with Addition and Subtraction

Gumballs are so intriguing to kids. Have you ever tried to guess how many gumballs were in a jar? A good prize could be no homework.

47. Word Problems Crack the Code

This board provides an excellent visual for solving word problems. Besides having the board as a reminder, you could also style this into a card for easy reference.

48. Decoding Division

Not all boards have to be created by you. The posters on the board help students with division. You can find resources for these here.

49. Formula

Here is a board for really advanced math students.

50. It’s Pizza Time

I don’t think any word said can duplicate the feeling that arises when you say the word "pizza." Fractions can be confusing, so any way to make them less complex to learn is a win for the student.

What do you put on a math bulletin board?

Teachers become amazing creators out of necessity to successfully teach students essential concepts that will affect their lives. Maybe your spring bulletin board for middle school math class needs updating or your high school math class requires a boost. Many teachers put up math posters, play games, teach vocabulary, and implement problem-solving strategies to encourage classroom engagement.

Every year is different. Your back-to-school bulletin board ideas help set the tone for the year. After a few months, some teachers change their rooms to reflect their student's pulse. Having, "I can" statements on the walls or using Halloween as a foundation to incorporate math concepts helps to appeal to a young mind.

How do you make an interesting bulletin board?

Many teachers have found having interactive bulletins or whiteboards can help with learning and classroom management. Tying the lesson to current events is always suitable for many ideas for making exciting bulletin boards. If you get stuck on ideas, TeacherVision has many math teaching resources to help create a dynamic classroom.

If you teach 8th-grade math, you can help prepare students for the adjustment to high school.

What is a good math problem to put on a bulletin board?

It’s not a math classroom without a stimulating math problem in plain sight. Of course, your bulletin board display will depend on what kind of math you are teaching. The primary math sequence in Georgia (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Precal) fosters classroom ideas such as aligning it to something within everyday life.

Students think they are clever when asking, " When will I ever use this?” The students have yet to learn what their life would be without math. As a teacher, you can easily open their eyes to what is needed to help them succeed. Surprise your students by putting a practical math problem on your classroom door. Give them extra points for solving it and explaining why it's an important life skill.


Math affects every part of our lives, and students must have a solid understanding of it. What visuals do you have in your math classroom to help students learn?

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