Instagram Accounts That Every Teacher Should Follow

Who knew that social media could become a platform for classroom creation? If you’ve scrolled through the depths of Pinterest without an idea for your lesson plan the next day, a fresh design for your classroom, or even a great book, then try turning to these teachers who are sharing their go-tos with the world.

Teacher Instagrams to Follow

Here Are Our Top Instagram Accounts for Teachers:

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1. @asmilingteacher is perfect for any Kindergarten teacher who’s searching for a classroom refresher.

Amber Masters has over 50k followers and posts about classroom DIY, children’s book suggestions, classroom design and more. Her cute ideas inspire her students every class and demonstrate her large love of teaching. Give her a follow to begin stimulating your creativity!


2. @heyheyfirstgrade is for those who want to leave a mark on their first grade community!

Jordan Dunagan, a 1st grade teacher, runs the account with her lesson ideas, projects, and DIY inspirations. She loves to transform her classroom into a bright and inspiring atmosphere for her kids. Her notable creativity makes her the perfect influencer for passionate educators. If you love first grade, then you’ll love her content.


3. @sparklinginsecondgrade follows the life of Jen, a second grade teacher who has a dedication towards education and things that sparkle!

She has resources for K-2 such as lesson plans, book suggestions, organization, and more. Everything that you need for your classroom is on her account. Her love of teaching has earned her 51k followers and counting. If your classroom needs a bit of sparkle, then Jen has the ideas for you!


4. @teaching3rdwithmrg is run by Juan Gonzalez Jr., a teacher and blogger who has all the lessons and classroom themes you need for your 3rd grade classroom.

He is also an avid book lover and frequently shares suggestions to his 60k followers. His drive to be the best teacher he can be is one of the many reasons you should give him a follow!


5. @theuniqueclassroom is a 3rd grade teacher and blogger with a follower count of nearly 60k.

She is a Disney lover, having been to Disney World 14 times and counting, whose magic shows in her lesson plans, classroom and projects. Ever having a hard day? She also posts inspirational quotes to help motivate teachers in their classrooms. She gets you. If you love teaching as much as she does, then check her out!


6. @teachingandsofourth is Bethany Humphrey’s guide to 4th grade, hence the name.

Her classroom is every teacher’s dream, and she shares design instructions to almost 130k followers. She posts on subjects such as DIY, lesson planning, getting to know students, and more. If you’re a teacher looking to brighten up both your classroom and your students minds, she has the answers! Interested in reading more about Bethany? Here’s her blog!


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7. @miss5th, Brittney Root, has the highest grossing followers of the teachers we’ve found, gaining 137k since she started documenting her teaching.

She showcases her own classroom designs ideas, teaching tips, and lesson plans. She even gives insight on her classroom, frequently sharing adventures and activities. Not only does she motivate her students with quotes she sticks on to her walls, she also posts some for you fellow teachers! If you follow any 5th grade teacher on Instagram, it should be her!


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8. @applesandabcs caters to a variety of grade-levels as an influencer account.

Michelle Griffo has years of experience in Kindergarten, 4th and 5th grade. Her ideas are wonderful for all ages. She posts everything from classroom designs and organization to activity ideas and lesson plans that will brighten your classroom. Looking to change up your bulletin board? Michelle has you covered with that too.


9. @keslerscience is all about science.

Whether you are a science teacher or looking for a unique experiment to do with your class, this account has all the out-of-this-world ideas that you didn’t know you needed. Like you, he thinks science should not only be educational, but also fun! If you need a lesson plan for your science class or a project to give to your students that is unlike any other, this is the account to have on your timeline.


10. @letsplayschool is a homeschooling account run by Chelsea, a Florida native who lives next to Disney World and homeschools her three children.

Made especially for homeschool teachers, her posts focus on adding magic to lessons and activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. She also provides tips for those new to homeschooling. She is an avid blogger with 12k followers who loves her family and teaching. You’ll never run out of book ideas because Chelsea also runs a book club. This is the perfect account for those who teach at home.


For more inspiration...

If you’re looking for more inspiration, TeacherVision also has an Instagram account for you! To find more teachers and lesson plans on instagram, try looking through tags such as: #Teachersofinstagram, #Teachergram, #Teacherlife, and more. Who said it was too late for you to start your own account and blog? If you are passionate about what you do, don’t fret from sharing it with the rest of the world. You’ll never know who you’ll inspire!

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