Happy New Year Teacher Memes: 10 Fun Memes to Share this New Year!

The winter is long, and the break is nearly over - we hear you! So, we’ve come up with some fun, relatable moods we teachers might find amusing to share this New Year.

A new year is dawning upon the world. With that is the hope people have for themselves and their families.

A change in perspective occurs for many people during the New Year. People around the world are creating beautiful goals and resolutions for themselves. Teachers and other educational staff are no different and have new plans they look forward to achieving.

There is a movement in schools to create conducive environments for teaching. Schools are implementing games and other activities to boost morale. It’s been uplifting to see changes to help teachers feel more comfortable with their schools.

Happy New Year Teacher Meme

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1. Happy New Years! New Year, Same Students.

happy new year teacher meme

Every teacher can relate to this meme. Students are why people become educators. As much as teachers like to see their favorite students in the New Year, some students need a change.


2. When You Can’t Fully enjoy New Year’s because school is starting tomorrow.

happy new year teacher meme

Vacations are the best and most well-deserved for educators. Most would like a few more extended breaks, however.

3. How I imagined myself as a teacher; how I feel as a teacher…

happy new year teacher meme

Teachers have stories for days of how they started in the profession to where they are now. It’s not easy and will not be any more effortless in the job. As this meme suggests, at least teachers are learning skills they can take into a new career.

4. New Year’s Resolutions: Recover from winter break, look Forward to Spring Break, and make it to Summer Break.

happy new year teacher meme

5. Teachers pleading with the clock to stay at 11:59 PM on New Year’s Eve.

happy new year teacher meme

Many people can relate to this one. No matter how hard people try, time will continue to move forward. No amount of sincerity in Puss-in-Boots eyes is going to stop. But this meme can make anyone’s heart melt.

6. Not sure whether to be happy because it’s New Year or sad because break is almost over

happy new year teacher meme

Breaks are conflicting to the soul at times. After all the work, teachers deserve their breaks. And holidays are very refreshing when they come. Yet, the sooner a break comes, the sooner it’s over. This funny image conveys the feeling.

7. Teachers, at 12:01 AM New Year’s Night, Hold on to your butts.

happy new year teacher meme

A person’s mind switches gears once that clock hits midnight. Many teachers are back in the classroom in a day or two and have to wear their multilayered hats.

8. Let’s be serious here, people. I just wanna survive until Spring Break.

happy new year teacher meme

One of the few perks of a teacher is the many breaks that occur throughout the school year. New teachers, the best teachers, always look forward to the next holiday or the last day of school. Breaks from school have their calendar, and teachers monitor them closely as checkpoints to the end of the year.

9. My New Year’s Resolution: Pray for a snow day every day.

happy new year teacher meme_10

A snow day is a magical event for both students and teachers. Not so much for parents!

10. When another teacher tells me they’re “so” ready to go back to school.

happy new year teacher meme

Some teachers are excited to get back to the classroom. Breaks and vacations are there for teachers to recharge. Thankfully some teachers do have a hankering to get back to school. For other teachers, they are like, “not me.” We get it.

If our list of fun memes doesn’t quite hit the mark, maybe you might want to send some personalized messages to your co-workers…

How do you say Happy New Year to a teacher?

How well do you know the teacher? That would be the first question to answer. Knowing the person helps in greeting them and putting a smile on their face. Do they like sarcasm? Are they optimistic people? Are they goal-setters?

Here are a few:

  • Happy New Year Semester!
  • Happy Winter Break is Over!
  • Happy New Year and More unnecessary professional development
  • Happy 2023!
  • Happy New Year, but Same School year.

If you still need help coming up with how to say a happy new year to a teacher, wikiHow has some great suggestions.

  • Cheers to the New Year!
  • Have a prosperous New Year!
  • Wishing you a great year ahead!
  • May all your wishes come true this year!
  • Wishing you a massive slice of happiness this new year!

New Year’s is a beautiful time of year that brings new possibilities. Teachers must be able to keep up their motivation. Many teachers can use new year’s themes in their lesson plans, making class fun for their students.

Most notable is the mental health of educators. If anything, the new year will bring opportunities to teachers that will help balance their life and work. If you are a person who creates resolutions, make yourself a promise to stick with them. If not, then make your goals at a later date.

If you’re looking for fresh content and new lesson plans to kickstart your New Year back-to-school plans, check out our Back-to-School Headquarters, where you’ll find tons of templates, plans, printables and inspiration.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed and blue about returning to the classroom, take a look at our Self-Care for Teachers Hub where you’ll find inspiration and motivational content.

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