Instant Expert: Ancient Greece

Become an instant expert on ancient Greece. Find motivational mini-lessons and the reference material you need to introduce roles of men and women during ancient Greek times.
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Instant Expert: Ancient Greece

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For Your Own Reference

Pick a DK book, and read the section that is most relevant to your needs.

Eyewitness: Ancient Greece
Reading Level
Discover the lives of ancient Greeks—from their myths and gods to the first Olympics. This book provides an in-depth, comprehensive look at the history and culture of ancient Greece with a unique integration of words and pictures. Eyewitness: Ancient Greece

Life in Ancient Greece Mini-Lesson

Reading Level: Upper Elementary

Use this slideshow to introduce students to life in ancient Greece. This mini-lesson presents a general overview of how the roles of men and women were different during ancient Greek times.


Eyewitness: Olympics
Reading Level
Get an exciting overview of the ancient games, the rebirth of the Olympics at the end of the 19th century, and a very brief history of the winter and summer games, all with spectacular photos of athletes and equipment. Eyewitness: Olympics
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