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Oceans – Teacher Resources

Teach your students about ocean life, tsunamis, seashore ecology, and much more with these printables, lessons, and activities for all grade levels. Students will enjoy learning about oceans with fun, hands-on science activities. Educate them about the strength of the ocean during bad weather with our natural disaster and safety resources. You'll find printables for Earth Day, language arts activities, and social studies resources to help you incorporate oceanography across your curriculum.

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

Ocean Zones Mini-Lesson
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Life in the Sea
Animal Research and Writing
What's Wrong with This Picture?
Animal Habitat Crossword Puzzle
Earth's Oceans
Under the Sea Theme
More Popular Oceans Printables

Lesson Plans

How Big Is a Blue Whale?
Ocean Currents
The Density of Saltwater
Wave Bottle
Making Sand Art
Sea Horses: Father Knows Best
More Oceans Lesson Plans


Oceans and Seas
The Effects of Global Warming on Sea Level
Hurricane Resource: Storm Surge
Length of the U.S. Coastline by State
Hurricane History
Oil Spills & Disasters
Hurricane Resource: High Winds
Ten Largest Oil Spills in the U.S.

Oceans & Art Connected

Sailboat Fun Color by Number
The Fin Art of Science
Underwater Adventure Coloring Page
Colorful Crab Color by Letter
Ralph Masiello's Ocean Drawing Book Coloring Page
Fingerpaint Ocean Scene
Science and Technology: Seeing What the Seal Sees
Ocean Resist
Sea Creatures Doodle Page
Silly Sea Horse Color by Letter
Fish Fun Coloring Page

Earth Day Activities

How Many Shrimp?
Convection Connection
Breaking Up Is Easy to Do
More Earth Day Teacher Resources

Oceans Activities for History Class

Timor Gap Treaty
Underwater Archaeology

Social Studies & Oceans Connected

An Ocean Adventure Sub Kit (Grades 3-4)
First Swimmer to Cross the English Channel
Oceans Map
What Are Ocean Currents?
Science and Social Studies: Jacques Cousteau
The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle
Name That Shark
More Oceans Resources for Social Studies Class

Digital Books

Eyewitness: Ocean
Eyewitness: Submarine
Eyewitness: Water
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Oceans Resources for Reading & Language Arts

In the Deep Sea
Ocean Food Chain Reading Warm-Up
Ocean Zones Word Power
Marine Animals Alphabet Activity
Geography Reading Warm-Up: The Ocean
Out of the Ocean Activity Kit
Animal Research - Plan Ahead
More Oceans Resources for Reading & Language Arts

Science Activities on Oceans

Making Drops of Rain
Making Salinity Currents
Water on Planet Earth
Investigate Activity: Investigating Currents and Waves
Spring Tides
Science and Language Arts: Crossword Pictures
STEM Activities for Stink and the Shark Sleepover
More Science Activities on Oceans

Aquatic Animal Resources

What Belongs in the Ocean?
Giant Squid Attack!
Science, Technology and Society: Fish Story
Nonfiction Reading Warm-Up: Squid
Science Reading Warm-Up: Oceans
What Are Mollusks?
Why Should Coral Reefs Be Protected?
More Popular Aquatic Animal Resources

Natural Disaster Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Tsunamis
What Is a Tsunami?
Hurricane Basics
Storm Trackers
Fact Sheet: Tsunamis
More Oceanography Resources on Natural Disasters

Ocean Safety Resources

Dangerous Wave
How a Tsunami Occurs
Plate Tectonics Test
Flooding Safety
More Ocean Safety Resources

Ecology Activities for Oceanography

Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Eugenie Clark, Marine Biologist
What Are Coral Reefs?
Activity: Ocean Organisms
Plankton in the Sea
Sea Life: Bottom Dwellers
Sea Mammals, Part 2
More Ecology Activities for Oceanography

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