World War I (1914-1918)

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    Veterans Day Videos & Activities

    Learn about the significance of Veterans Day, November 11, through educational videos paired with ex... read more

    Memorial Day Videos & Activities

    Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. Learn about the history and traditions of Memori... read more

    Caleb's Story Reading Guide

    Initiate conversation about the challenge and potential growth resulting from family change and prai... read more

    Remembrance Day

    Have your students read the text of Prime Minister Keating's speech honouring the unknown soldier, t... read more

    John Simpson Kirkpatrick

    John Simpson Kirkpatrick was a hero at Gallipoli during World War I. Students will write an essay about an act of heroism they have witnessed. read more

    War Is... Author Notes

    Learn about the inspiration behind War Is... and compare how four leading young-adult authors tell t... read more

    Battle of the Somme Quiz

    Use this printable quiz to review with your class the Battle of the Somme, one of the biggest battle... read more

    Weapons of War

    Pupils will learn about weapons used in wars throughout history, from the longbow to napalm. Then, t... read more

    Remembrance Day Quiz

    Children answer multiple-choice questions about Remembrance Day, which is celebrated in November to honour veterans, in this holiday quiz. read more

    Treaty of Versailles

    Teach pupils about the five major peace treaties that ended World War I with this printable activity... read more

    Vladimir Lenin Word Search

    Use this printable word search to teach your pupils about Vladimir Lenin, one of the most successful and influential revolutionaries of all time. read more

    Fourteen Points Writing Exercise

    Print out and give pupils this writing activity to teach them more about World War I, U.S. President... read more

    Canadian Heroes: Billy Bishop

    Use this reading comprehension activity to teach students about Billy Bishop, Canada's top flying ac... read more

    The Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Use reference materials and the Internet to answer questions about the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a key battle involving Canadian troops in World War I. read more

    Panama Canal

    Learn about the construction of the Panama Canal by reading the background information and doing one of the related activities. read more

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