U.S. Women's Firsts

Name First U.S female... Year
Ann Bradstreet author in America 1640
Ann Franklin newspaper editor 1762
Mary Kies granted a patent 1809
Susan G. Bagley telegrapher 1846
Frances B. Whitcher humorist 1846
Elizabeth Blackwell awarded a medical degree 1849
Antoinette B. Blackwell ordained minister 1853
E. R. Jones dentist 1855
Mary Surratt hanged by U.S. government 1865
Mary Edwards Walker Medal of Honor recipient 1866
Esther Hobart justice of the peace 1870
Frances E. Willard college president 1871
Victoria Woodhull presidential candidate 1872
Helen Magill Ph.D. awarded to a woman 1877
Susanna Salter mayor (Argonia, Kansas) 1887
Naggie L. Walker bank president 1903
Bessica Raiche solo flight 1910
Alice Wells policewoman (Los Angeles) 1910
Harriet Quimby licensed airplane pilot 1911
Annette A. Adams federal prosecutor 1914
Jeanette Rankin member of U.S. House of Representatives 1916
Annette Adams U.S. district attorney 1918
Opha May Johnson marine 1918
Marie Luhring automotive engineer 1920
Nellie Taylor Ross elected governor of a state 1925
Phoebe Omlie licensed pilot 1927
Jane Addams Nobel Peace Prize recipient 1931
Amelia Earhart transatlantic solo flight 1932
Hattie Caraway elected to U.S. Senate 1932
Frances Perkins cabinet member (Labor) 1933
Helen Richey commercial airline pilot 1934
Gretchen Schoenleber stock exchange member 1935
Georgia N. Clark Treasurer of the United States 1949
Eugenie M. Anderson United States ambassador 1949
Jerrie Mock solo flight around the world 1964
Diane Crump jockey in Kentucky Derby 1970
Billie Jean King athlete to earn $100,000 a year 1971
Janet Gray Hayes mayor of major city (San Jose) 1974
Sandra Day O'Connor member of U.S. Supreme Court 1981
Dr. Sally K. Ride astronaut to ride in space 1983
Geraldine A. Ferraro candidate for vice president 1984
Kathryn D. Sullivan astronaut to walk in space 1984
Libby Riddles winner of Iditarod dogsled race 1985
Robin Ahrens FBI agent killed on duty 1985
Lynette Woodard member of Harlem Globetrotters 1985
Capt. Linda Bray to lead American troop in combat 1989

Excerpt from The Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists .

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