Word Jazz Handout

Have students vertically write the letters A through F on a sheet of paper. Then have them choose a number between 1 and 10 for each letter, writing that on the sheet of paper as well. Give each student the Word Jazz handout. Have students circle the word that corresponds with the list and number they chose. Now have students write a story using each of the words. They may need dictionaries!

List A
  1. sagacity
  2. candor
  3. canine
  4. taciturn
  5. alleviate
  6. dilute
  7. novice
  8. clairvoyant
  9. frugal
  10. adversity
List B
  1. fiasco
  2. fastidious
  3. bedlam
  4. asylum
  5. eclectic
  6. plaintive
  7. hubris
  8. spurious
  9. impetuous
  10. wary
List C
  1. charlatan
  2. antebellum
  3. circuitous
  4. scrutiny
  5. submissive
  6. parched
  7. diligent
  8. suppress
  9. demise
  10. longevity
List D
  1. terminate
  2. bauble
  3. fabricate
  4. badger
  5. languid
  6. decimate
  7. alias
  8. pompous
  9. mundane
  10. skulk
List E
  1. antecedent
  2. picayune
  3. careening
  4. stringent
  5. precocious
  6. anecdote
  7. rancorous
  8. amicable
  9. orator
  10. deface
List F
  1. arid
  2. resilient
  3. jubilation
  4. credulous
  5. hackneyed
  6. nonchalant
  7. tactful
  8. vindicate
  9. trepidation
  10. accelerate

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