Kidspiration Cool Jobs Video: Lily Pebbles, YouTube Star!

Your students use YouTube and other social media all the time; in this video, they will meet Lily Pebbles, who uses YouTube and other social media platforms as her profession! 13-year-old Jodie from the Kidspiration team talks with Lily about how she turned a part-time hobby into a lifestyle blog and YouTube channel with more than 300,000 subscribers. Lily offers real insight into just how hard it is to constantly be creative, even when doing something you love, and how important persistence and motivation are to a successful career.

This video can be used as part of a jobs and careers unit, as a supplemental resource for career counseling, or as a supplement for an arts, media, or technology curriculum. It can also be used to support a career and technical education track for middle school students.

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Kidspiration is an online channel created for and powered by kids. At Kidspiration, regular kids lead the way, visiting with and interviewing some of the most interesting people on the planet – people changing the way we think and do things in really, really big ways.

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