Avoiding Annoying Classroom Distractions: The Ticketing System

Use tickets as positive reinforcement. That way, students will better understand good behavior in the classroom.


In my classroom I focus heavily on positive reinforcement as a means of telling kids that what they are doing is good versus what you’re doing is bad. So it helps alleviate those annoying classroom distractions. So in my classroom I have a ticketing system where I’ll give a student a ticket for doing something good. So it depends on my mood, it depends on what day it is, it depends on a lot of things, but lets say, you know, Julianna and Maive are working really nicely together I might say, “Oh! That’s a ticket for Julianna and Maive because they’re doing such a nice job working together.” If I see that the whole class is in chaos and I have one student who is doing the right thing, you better believe if I give them a ticket and I tell them why everybody else is doing what they’re doing.

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