Avoiding Annoying Classroom Distractions: Giving Specific Praise for Actions

Giving specific praise for actions helps students see and understand the right thing to do in a situation. It helps you avoid annoying classroom distractions by modeling good behavior.


Something I do to help stop annoying classroom behaviors and distractions is to very specifically praise my students. Either as a whole group or individually. So if I see that someone has walked over to the rug unprompted - you know it’s time to come to the rug - and they walk right over I’ll say, “Hey, so-and-so, thank you so much for coming right to the rug,” and everyone else kinda goes *gasps* *gasps* and they know they should be doing it too. Additionally if you are very general with your praise, students don't know what you're talking about and it’s not nearly as effective as being direct and specific.

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