Last Living Veterans of America's Wars

A list of the last living veterans, widows, and dependants of veterans from each of America's wars.
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American Revolution (1775–1783)
  • Last veteran, Daniel F. Bakeman, died 4/5/1869, age 109
  • Last widow, Catherine S. Damon, died 11/11/06, age 92
  • Last dependent, Phoebe M. Palmeter, died 4/25/11, age 90
War of 1812 (1812–1815)
  • Last veteran, Hiram Cronk, died 5/13/05, age 105
  • Last widow, Carolina King, died 6/28/36, age unknown
  • Last dependent, Esther A. H. Morgan, died 3/12/46, age 89
Indian Wars (c. 1861–1898)
  • Last veteran, Fredrak Fraske, died 6/18/73, age 101
Mexican War (1846–1848)
  • Last veteran, Owen Thomas Edgar, died 9/3/29, age 98
  • Last widow, Lena James Theobald, died 6/20/63, age 89
  • Last dependent, Jesse G. Bivens, died 11/1/62, age 94
Civil War (1861–1865)
  • Last Union veteran, Albert Woolson, died 8/2/56, age 109
  • Last Confederate veteran, John Salling, died 3/16/58, age 112
Spanish-American War (1898)
  • Last veteran, Nathan E. Cook, died 9/10/92, age 106
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