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    Kennedy's Last Days Teacher's Guide

    The reading, writing, and research activities in this teacher's guide for Kennedy's Last Days: The A... read more


    First 10 U.S. Presidents Quiz

    Review facts about the first 10 U.S. presidents—from George Washington to John Tyler. This printable... read more


    Abraham Lincoln Word Scramble

    Use context clues to correctly spell the scrambled words in each sentence about Abraham Lincoln. Stu... read more


    George Washington – Videos & Activities

    Learn about George Washington, the first president of the United States. Though these educational vi... read more


    Abraham Lincoln – Videos & Activities

    Study the life and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Thou... read more


    Abe Lincoln's Dream Activity Sheets

    After reading Abe Lincoln's Dream, a children's story about the legacy of America's sixteenth presid... read more

    Literature Guide

    Lincoln's Last Days Teacher's Guide

    Examine the events leading up to Abraham Lincoln's assassination with this teacher's guide for Linco... read more


    Learn About Lincoln! Classroom Activities

    Celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln with classroom activities for Mr. Lincoln's Boys by Staton... read more


    Up Close: Theodore Roosevelt Discussion Guide

    Enrich student's understanding of Teddy Roosevelt's life and career with this discussion guide to a ... read more


    Up Close: Ronald Reagan Discussion Guide

    While reading the biography Up Close: Ronald Reagan by James B. Sutherland, use the questions in thi... read more

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    Cherry Blossoms of Washington, D.C.

    A city rich in politics, culture, and nature Washington, D.C. is the capital of America and known fo... read more

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    Statues of Washington, D.C.

    A city rich in politics and culture, Washington, D.C. is the capital of America and the center of ou... read more

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    First Kids

    The American public has always been fascinated by first families. We know much about the lives of th... read more


    The Progressive Movement Reading Warm-Up

    Students read about the Progressive Movement and "The Age of Reform" in this printable reading warm-... read more

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