Nicknames of U.S. State Residents

A chart listing the nicknames of U.S. state residents.
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6 |
7 |
Alabama Alabamian, Alabaman
Alaska Alaskan
Arizona Arizonan, Arizonian
Arkansas Arkansan
California Californian
Colorado Coloradan, Coloradoan
Connecticut Nutmegger
Delaware Delawarean
Florida Floridian, Floridan
Georgia Georgian
Hawaii Hawaiian
Idaho Idahoan
Illinois Illinoisan
Indiana Indianan, Indianian
Iowa Iowan
Kansas Kansan
Kentucky Kentuckian
Louisiana Louisianan, Louisianian
Maine Mainer
Maryland Marylander
Massachusetts Bay Stater
Michigan Michigander, Michiganite
Minnesota Minnesotan
Mississippi Mississippian
Missouri Missourian
Montana Montanan
Nebraska Nebraskan
Nevada Nevadan, Nevadian
New Hampshire New Hampshirite
New Jersey New Jerseyite, New Jerseyan
New Mexico New Mexican
New York New Yorker
North Carolina North Carolinian
North Dakota North Dakotan
Ohio Ohioan
Oklahoma Oklahoman
Oregon Oregonian
Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian
Rhode Island Rhode Islanders
South Carolina South Carolinian
South Dakota South Dakotan
Tennessee Tennessean, Tennesseean
Texas Texan
Utah Utahan, Utahn
Vermont Vermonter
Virginia Virginian
Washington Washingtonian
West Virginia West Virginian
Wisconsin Wisconsinite
Wyoming Wyomingite

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