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Incorporate the study of U.S. government and world politics in your curriculum for any grade level with our lessons, printables, and references. Use literature guides, technology resources, and election materials to educate students about democracy at a local and national level. There are quizzes, biographies, crosswords, and more on the three branches of the federal government. You'll also find a variety of resources for civic holidays, perfect for studying government year round!

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    First 10 U.S. Presidents Quiz

    Review facts about the first 10 U.S. presidents—from George Washington to John Tyler. This printable... read more

    Women's History Videos & Activities

    Learn about the history of women's rights and the Nineteenth Amendment through these educational vid... read more

    Paul Ryan Biography

    Learn more about Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Congressman who was Mitt Romney's running mate for the 201... read more

    Rick Santorum Biography

    Rick Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, makes headlines as the conservative alternat... read more

    Ron Paul Biography

    Ron Paul, a U.S. Representative from Texas, is a staunch advocate of limited government. He is amon... read more

    Newt Gingrich Biography

    Newt Gingrich, a former U.S. representative and Speaker of the House in the 1990's, returned to the ... read more

    Bad Kitty for President: Word Scramble!

    Review election vocabulary with this word scramble activity. After unscrambling each word, discuss i... read more

    Up Close: Theodore Roosevelt Discussion Guide

    Enrich student's understanding of Teddy Roosevelt's life and career with this discussion guide to a ... read more

    Up Close: Ronald Reagan Discussion Guide

    While reading the biography Up Close: Ronald Reagan by James B. Sutherland, use the questions in thi... read more

    Up Close: Thurgood Marshall Discussion Guide

    Examine the life and work of Thurgood Marshall—a lawyer and U.S. Supreme Court Justice—with your stu... read more

    U.S. Elections and Voting Quiz (Level II)

    How much do you know about U.S. elections and voting? Test their knowledge with this advanced quiz, ... read more

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