Residency Requirements for Voting in the U.S.

A chart listing residency requirements for voting in U.S. federal, state, and local elections.
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The Supreme Court decision of March 21, 1972, declared lengthy requirements for voting in state and local elections unconstitutional and suggested that 30 days was an ample period. Most of the states have changed or eliminatedtheir durational residency requirements to comply with the ruling, as shown.

StateResidency requirement
AlabamaNo durational residency requirement. 10-day registration requirement. In-person registration by 5 p.m., eleven days before election date.
Alaska30-day residency requirement. If otherwise qualified but has not been a resident of the election district for at least 30 days preceding the date of a presidential election, is entitled to register and vote for presidential and vice-presidential candidates.
Arizona30-day residency requirement. Residency in the state 29 days preceding the election.
ArkansasNo durational residency requirement.
CaliforniaMust be a registered voter 29 days before an election; 20-day residency requirement.
ColoradoResidency requirement of 25 days immediately preceding the election.
ConnecticutNo durational residency requirement. Registration deadline 14th day before election; registration and party enrollment deadline by 12 noon the day before primary.
DelawareNo durational residency requirement. Must reside in Delaware and register by the last day that the books are open for registration.
District of ColumbiaNo durational residency requirement. Registration stops 30 days before any election. Voters must inform Board of Elections of change of address within 30 days of moving.
FloridaNo durational residency requirement. 29-day registration requirement before national election; 29-day registration requirement before first and second state primary.
GeorgiaNo durational residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
HawaiiNo durational residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
Idaho30-day residency requirement. May register 25 days prior to any election with County Clerk. If eligible to vote, an individual may register in person at the polling place on election day at the resident precinct and complete a registration card, make an oath, and provide proof of residence.
Illinois30-day residency requirement.
Indiana30-day residency requirement.
IowaNo durational residency requirement.10-day registration requirement. In-person registration by 5 p.m., eleven days before election date.
Kansas14-day residency requirement.
Kentucky28-day residency requirement.
LouisianaNo durational residency requirement. Register 24 days prior to any election.
MaineNo durational residency requirement.
MarylandNo durational residency requirement.
MassachusettsNo durational residency requirement. No residency required to register to vote.
Michigan30-day residency requirement.
MinnesotaPermits registration and voting on election day with approved ID; 20-day residency requirement.
Mississippi30-day residency requirement. 30 days registration required; 60 days if registration is by mail.
MissouriNo durational residency requirement. Must be registered by the fourth Wednesday prior to election.
Montana30-day residency requirement.
NebraskaNo durational residency requirement. Registration deadline is second Friday prior to election.
Nevada30-day residency requirement.
New HampshireNo durational residency requirement. Registration deadline is 10 days prior to election. Same-day registrations for federal and state elections.
New Jersey30-day residency requirement.
New MexicoNo durational residency requirement. Must register 28 days before election.
New York30-day residency requirement.
North Carolina30-day residency requirement.
North Dakota30-day residency requirement.
Ohio30-day residency requirement.
OklahomaNo durational residency requirement.
OregonMust register by close of business day of registering agencies (which varies), 21st day before the election.
Pennsylvania30-day residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
Rhode Island30-day residency requirement.
South CarolinaNo durational residency requirement. Registration certificate not valid for 30 days, but if you move within the state you can vote in old precinct during the 30 days.
South DakotaNo durational residency requirement. 15-day registration requirement.
Tennessee30-day residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
TexasNo durational residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
Utah30-day residency requirement.
Vermont10–12 day residency requirement. Administrative cut-off date for processing applications is second Saturday before the election, by 12 noon.
VirginiaNo durational residency requirement.
Washington30-day residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
West VirginiaNo durational residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
Wisconsin10-day residency requirement.
WyomingNo durational residency requirement. 30-day registration requirement.
Source: Questionnaires to the states.

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