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States – Teacher Resources

Explore the history, geography, and government of the fifty United States with these teaching resources. Use our lessons, printables, and quizzes to review state capitals with your students. You will find plenty of maps and crossword puzzles to help students learn about U.S. regions and states. Discover interesting facts and figures about the fifty states with references on the U.S. Census, elections, the American flag, and much more for elementary, intermediate, and high school students.


U.S. Map with State Capitals
United States Map (Outline)
State Word Search
Map of Southeast United States
State Capital Word Search
Map of Midwest United States
Map of Northeast United States
More Popular United States Printables

Lesson Plans

Name That State
Immigrant Families
Make a Map Jigsaw Puzzle
State Scavenger Hunt
Letter for Great Mail Race
Great Mail Race Survey
U.S. Place Names Show Our Diversity
More United States Lesson Plans


Quiz: Northeast U.S. State Capitals
Quiz: Midwest U.S. State Capitals
Quiz: Southeast United States
Quiz: Southwest U.S. State Capitals
Quiz: The United States: West Region
Quiz: Western U.S. State Capitals
Quiz: Southeast U.S. State Capitals
More United States Quizzes


Coretta Scott King Award Winners
Origin of U.S. State Names
Overview of the Presidents: Basic Facts & Figures
Spanish Place Names
State Capitals and Largest Cities for Each State
Geographical Highs, Lows, and Boundaries of the U.S.
More Popular United States References

United States Maps

U.S. Map with State Capitals
United States Map (Outline)
Map of U.S. Regions
Map Library
Map of North America
Map of Western United States
Map of Southwest United States
More United States Maps

Bulletin Board Ideas

United States Flag Bulletin Board Example
United States Flag Bulletin Board

Games & Puzzles

State Word Search
State Capital Word Search
The Original Thirteen States Crossword
Name That State
The Southern States Crossword Puzzle II
Find the State
Florida Word Puzzle
More United States Word Puzzles

Flag Day Resources

American Flag (in color)
50 Stars and 13 Stripes
Blank American Flag
"Star-Spangled Banner"
Flag Facts
United States Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Betsy Ross Flag Company
More Flag Day – Teacher Resources

Fourth of July Resources

American Flag (in color)
50 Stars and 13 Stripes
U.S. Patriotism, Volume I: Printable Book (Grades K-5)
U.S. Patriotism, Volume II: Printable Book (Grades K-5)
Symbols of the United States
Blank American Flag
Betsy Ross Flag Company
More Fourth of July – Teacher Resources

Art, Music, & Drama Activities for States

The Bill of Rights
My Book of Washington, D.C.
Children of Native America Today Activities
The Star-Spangled Banner II
Flags of the U.S.A. Mini-Book
The Star-Spangled Banner I
Create a New Flag
More United States Art, Music, & Drama Activities

Mathematics & States Connected

U.S. Immigration
Create Your Own Form
Math Worksheet: Great Lakes Facts and Figures
Finding the Mean on State Statistics
Where You Belong: Census Activity
The United States Commemorative State Quarter Program
Hawaii Commemorative Quarter
More United States Activities for Math Class

Science & States Connected

How Do You Read a Weather Map?
Mardi Gras or Carnival
Welcome Spring
Length of the U.S. Coastline by State
Activity: Making a Weather Map
Winter Weather Across America
Oil for Energy
More United States Resources for Science Class

Literature & States Connected

A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder
Historical Sites Project
A Year Down Yonder Discussion Questions
Rhyming States
Distant Enemy
America -- My Country, My Home
More United States Literature Resources

Language Arts & States Connected

Battle of the Alamo Reading Warm-Up
Texas Crossword Puzzle
California Crossword Puzzle
A Geography Wordsearch
The Midwestern States Word Search
The Rocky Mountain States Word Search
Alaska Word Search
More Popular States Resources for Language Arts

States Resources for U.S. History

Learn About the California Gold Rush
The Original Thirteen States Crossword
Louisiana Purchase
The California Gold Rush Little Book
National Symbols Riddles
Immigrant Families
California Crossword Puzzle
More Popular States Resources for U.S. History

State Resources for U.S. Government

Overview of the Presidents: Basic Facts & Figures
Elections Results
List of Firsts for U.S. Cities
Winston Churchill
Nicknames of U.S. State Residents
States in the U.S. That Received the Most Immigrants in 2001
State Offices Matching Quiz - Answer Key
More State Resources for U.S. Government

U.S. Geography Resources

U.S. Map with State Capitals
United States Map (Outline)
Map of North America
United States Maps Gallery
Quiz: Know Your States
Quiz: Midwest United States
USPS State Abbreviations
More Popular U.S. Geography Resources

New England Resources

Landmarks of Boston
Massachusetts Crossword Puzzle
The Tale of Sacco and Vanzetti
Rhode Island State Map with Capital
Vermont State Map with Capital
New Hampshire State Map with Physiography
Vermont Crossword Puzzle
More New England Resources

Middle Atlantic Resources

Immigrant Families
Statues of Washington, D.C.
New York State Map
Cherry Blossoms of Washington, D.C.
New Jersey State Map with Capital
The Harlem Renaissance
Pennsylvania State Map with Capital
More Middle Atlantic Resources

Midwest United States Resources

Iowa and Kansas Crossword Puzzles
Illinois State Map with Capital
Minnesota Crossword Puzzle
Missouri Crossword Puzzle
Ohio and South Dakota Crossword Puzzles
Wisconsin State Map with Capital
Iowa State Map with Physiography
More Midwest United States Resources

Southern States Resources

Florida Word Puzzle
North Carolina Crossword Puzzle
Georgia Crossword Puzzle
Florida State Map
Georgia State Map
Texas State Map
Arkansas Crossword Puzzle
More Southern States Resources

Rocky Mountain Resources

New Mexico Word Puzzle
Facts about Utah
New Mexico
Utah State Map with Capital
Wyoming State Map with Capital
New Mexico State Map with Capital
Map of Arizona
More Rocky Mountain Resources

Pacific Coast Resources

Hawaii II Word Search
California Crossword Puzzle
Alaska Word Search
Map of Alaska
Washington Crossword Puzzle
California State Map with Capital
Hawaii State Map with Capital
More Pacific Coast Resources

Related United States Resources

Popular Maps & Globes Resources
State Education Departments

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