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Teach your students about ocean life with our most popular oceans printables for kindergarten through 12th grade. Students will enjoy learning about oceanography with fun, hands-on science activities. You'll find handouts on ocean tides, hurricanes, marine biologists, and much more! There are plenty of resources appropriate for elementary, intermediate, and secondary school students.

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    Out of the Ocean Activity Kit

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    Instant Expert

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    Oil Spills & Disasters

    This list includes major oil spills around the world since 1967. Find information about the circumst... read more

    Timor Gap Treaty

    Use this assignment to teach students about the Timor Gap Treaty – an agreement between Austral... read more

    Underwater Archaeology

    Your pupils will learn about the use of underwater technology to find artefacts at the bottom of the... read more

    The Ocean Floor

    Identify ocean landforms, including guyots and trenches, with this labeled diagram of the sea floor. read more

    Captive Whales Reading Warm-Up

    Should whales be kept in captivity? Use this reading passage to start a class discussion on this top... read more

    Ocean Food Chain Reading Warm-Up

    Introduce the ocean food chain with this life science printable. For this reading warm-up, students ... read more

    Penguins Reading Warm-Up

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    Sharks Reading Warm-Up

    Students learn about sharks and improve their reading comprehension skills with a nonfiction reading... read more

    Science Reading Warm-Up: Oceans

    Develop students' nonfiction reading skills as they learn about the ocean. This printable warm-up in... read more

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