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Twentieth Century – Teacher Resources

The twentieth century was a time of great discoveries, innovations, and social revolutions. Use the lessons and printables below to study the 1900s-1990s with your class. Extend your social studies curriculum with resources on civil rights, women's history, World War II, and much more! Share biographies about 20th-century scientists, inventors, and athletes with your students. You'll also find facts about each decade and great resources for Black History Month and Women's History Month.

Printables for Grades K-4

Queen Elizabeth II Quiz
Helen Keller Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
Walt Disney Biography: A Nonfiction Reading Warm-Up
World War II Reading Warm-Up: Pearl Harbor
Immigrants' Experiences Worksheet
Babe Ruth Reading Warm-Up: Biography
Henry Ford Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
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Printables for Grades 5-8

The Holocaust
Nelson Mandela Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
World War II Printable Book (5-12)
Earth Day Activities
Events in the Vietnam War
Mapping the War: World War II
Immigrants' Experiences Worksheet
More Popular 20th Century Printables

Printables for Grades 9-12

The Great Gatsby Vocabulary Lists & Quizzes
Treaty of Versailles
Famous Firsts in Aviation
The Awakening: Activity & Discussion Guide
More 20th Century Printables

Lesson Plans

Defining Jazz Music
An Immigrant's Story
Visualizing Jazz Scenes of the Harlem Renaissance
The Struggle Against Segregation
History of Automobiles
Interactive Timeline
Exploring Suffragists
More 20th Century Lessons


Civil Rights Quiz
Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz
The Life of Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz
More 20th Century Quizzes

Educational Technology Resources

School Pictures


World War II: Timeline
1920's Written and Oral Report Ideas
Dwight D. Eisenhower's Little Rock Response
Assassinations and Attempts in U.S. Since 1865
1920's Timeline
Olympic Games and Politics
African-Americans and Others Fight Discrimination
More 20th Century References

Twentieth Century & Math Connected

Understanding the Stock Market
Jazz and Math: Rhythmic Innovations
Activity: Comparing Infectious Diseases
Health Trends Activity

Twentieth-Century Music & Drama Resources

The Roots of Rock 'n' Roll
A Jazz Talk Show
Learning through The Duke
Assessment of Learning Through "The Duke" Lesson
The Dynamic Duo: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
Revelations: Alvin Ailey, Jr.
Exhibit Scoring Guide
More 20th-Century Music & Drama Resources

Twentieth-Century Art Resources

Art Experiences: Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning
Salvador Dalí Research Activity
A New Deal for the Arts - WPA Photographs
More with Less: R. Buckminster Fuller
Plundering the Past
More 20th-Century Art Resources

Health & Safety in the Twentieth Century

Fundraising for World Orphans
A Cure for Yellow Fever
Invention of the Popsicle Reading Warm-Up
Invention of Kool-Aid® Reading Warm-Up
More 20th Century Resources for Health & Safety

Twentieth-Century Physical Education Resources

Jackie Robinson Biography & Activities
Fastest Woman in the World: Wilma Rudolph
The Sultan of Swat: Babe Ruth
Olympic Star: Jesse Owens Biography and Activities
Baseball Greats
Jim Thorpe Reading Warm-Up
Jim Thorpe, Olympic Athlete
More 20th-Century Physical Education Resources

Twentieth Century & Science Connected

Animal Farm Literature Guide
The Mystery of DNA
Disaster in the Air: Challenger Space Shuttle
Famous Firsts in Aviation
Farmers and the Dust Bowl
The Discovery of Penicillin
The First Heart Transplant
More 20th Century Resources for Science

Twentieth-Century Social Studies Activities

Immigrants' Experiences Worksheet
The Navajo Code Talkers
Albert Einstein Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
The Civil Rights Movement
Seedfolks Teacher's Guide
More Popular 20th-Century Social Studies Activities

Twentieth Century & Language Arts Connected

The Great Gatsby Vocabulary Lists & Quizzes
The Peanuts Gang: Charles Schulz
Immigration Reading Warm-Up: Ellis Island
Invention of the Cell Phone: A Reading Warm-Up
The Wright Brothers Reading Warm-Up
Where Are the Wild Things: Maurice Sendak
More Popular 20th Century Activities for Language Arts

Black History Month Resources

The Life and Accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr.
The Struggle Against Segregation
The Harlem Renaissance Activities
An Extraordinary Bus Ride: Rosa Parks
Langston Hughes, an Everyday Poet
Booker T. Washington
General Colin Powell
More Black History Month – Teacher Resources

Women's History Month Resources

Mother's Day History
First Lady of the Air: Amelia Earhart
The Awakening: Activity & Discussion Guide
First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt
The Nineteenth Amendment
Amelia to Zora Teacher Guide
Indira Gandhi
More Women's History – Teacher Resources

Twentieth-Century Inventions

Famous Firsts in Aviation
Famous Firsts: 1940s
History of Automobiles
Milestones in Flight
Revolutionizing the Auto Industry: Henry Ford
Inventors and Inventions of the 1960s
Invention of the Airplane: A Reading Warm-Up
More 20th-Century Inventions

Great Depression Resources

About the Great Depression
Farmers and the Dust Bowl
Black Tuesday
The New Deal
In-Depth: Three New Deal Programs
The New Deal Teacher Information Sheet
Overview of the 1930s
More Great Depression Resources

World War I Resources

The Lusitania
The Roaring Twenties
Discussion Guide for War Is...
John Simpson Kirkpatrick
U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor
More World War I Teacher Resources

World War II Resources

Chronology of World War II
The Manhattan Project
Japanese Internment
Final Justice: Nuremberg Trials
Life on the Home Front
The Origins of World War II
More World War II Teacher Resources

Holocaust Remembrance Resources

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl Discussion Guide
Number the Stars
Crack the Code -- The Holocaust
WWII Printables Slideshow
Number the Stars Character Jeopardy
Holocaust Fact or Opinion
Once Discussion Guide
More Holocaust Remembrance – Teacher Resources

1900s & 1910s Resources

Muckraker's Cake
Overview of the 1900s
Election Facts and Figures: 1900s
Writing Prompts and Literature Ideas: 1900s
Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up: Inventing Crayons
Decade Quiz: 1900s
More 1900s & 1910s Resources

1920s & 1930s Resources

Overview of the 1920s
Facts and Figures of the 1920s
John Steinbeck
"Peter and the Wolf" and Sergei Prokofiev
Important Births and Deaths of the 1930s
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Hull House: Jane Addams
More 1920s & 1930s Resources

1940s & 1950s Resources

A History of the Korean War
Conquering Mount Everest
Facts and Figures of the 1940s
Overview of the 1950s
Nonfiction Reading Warm-Up: Segregation
Teacher's Guide to Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation
The Rosenbergs and McCarthy
More 1940s & 1950s Resources

1960s & 1970s Resources

La Causa: Cesar Chavez
James Earl Carter, Jr.
Counterculture's Finest Moment: Woodstock
Overview of the 1960s
Important Births and Deaths of the 1960s
Richard Milhouse Nixon
More 1960s & 1970s Resources

1980s & 1990s Resources

End of Apartheid
The Berlin Wall
Operation Desert Storm
Overview of the 1980s
Election Facts and Figures: 1990s
Anwar el-Sadat
Important Births and Deaths of the 1980s
More 1980s & 1990s Resources

Additional 20th-Century Resources

American History Teacher Resources
Asian-Pacific-American History Teacher Resources
Immigration Teacher Resources
International Day of Peace – Teacher Resources
Martin Luther King Jr Resources for Teachers
September 11, 2001: Fifteenth Anniversary
Women's Rights, Suffrage & Equality

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