Differentiating Teaching and Instruction

For many of you, the diversity of the modern classroom can be an amazing but intimidating experience. It is challenging to try to reach kids who come to you at different levels, and with a range of styles, interests and needs. Differentiated instruction is supposed to help, but how can you practically start using it in your teaching to better support all of your students?
Teaching Strategies:
Updated on: September 14, 2018

This course from PCG Education and the University of Southern California can teach you the concept of differentiation and enable you to implement it as a response to the needs, interests and abilities of learners by modifying curriculum, instruction, and classroom environment.

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Skills You'll Learn

This course provides practical guidance on the definition and implementation of differentiated instruction, including the steps and procedures for using practices like Independent Study as a differentiation strategy and understanding how differentiation can be modeled in both direct instruction and inquiry-based learning.

Course Overview

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About the Instructor

Sandra N. Kaplan is a Professor of Clinical Education at the University of Southern California. Kaplan has been Principal Investigators of four projects funded by the Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Student Education Act, Department of Education. Kaplan has been an international and national consultant for districts, State Departments, and other educational agencies to provide professional development in the areas of differentiated curriculum and instruction. She has written over 40 articles and 10 books related to identifying and providing appropriate educational services to gifted students. Kaplan has been recognized for her work, receiving awards for Excellence from the Council of Exceptional Children, National Association for the Gifted for Service and Achievement and Research awards from the California Association for the Gifted. She received the NAGC Legacy Award in 2013.

PCG Education

PCG’s Education practice offers consulting services and technology solutions that help teachers, schools, school districts, and state education agencies/ministries of education to promote student success, improve programs and processes, and optimize resources. PCG offers more than 50 online professional development courses to help teachers improve their skills, grow their careers and more effectively help and support their students.


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