Helping Students Deal with Crises

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    Preventing Teen Suicide: Information for Parents

    Teen suicide is a topic that makes many parents feel at a loss. Help them become more aware and lear... read more

    Teacher Resources

    Suicide Myths & Facts Quiz

    Test your knowledge of suicide awareness and prevention, and find out if you know the facts behind c... read more


    Teen Suicide Prevention: Warning Signs

    Learn to identify the warning signs exhibited by students who are at a higher risk for suicide, and ... read more


    Teen Suicide Prevention: Protective Factors

    Bolster your students' resiliency by fostering protective factors, behaviors, and characteristics th... read more


    Flooding Safety

    Inland flooding can be a major threat after a hurricane. Learn what to do in case of a flood. read more


    Disaster Supply Kit

    Learn what to keep in a disaster supply kit so that you are prepared in the case of an emergency or evacuation. read more


    Understanding September 11th

    Filled with pictures, maps, and straightforward explanations, this is the book that will enable youn... read more


    Beyond Blame -- Complete Unit

    This three-lesson unit will help middle and secondary students to cope with, understand, and move be... read more

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