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Use these strategies to improve your students' cooperative learning skills. Included are articles to teach you about each concept and lesson plans with which you can implement the strategies. These are great professional development resources and are an excellent resource to ensure that you are improving your professional skill set.

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    Nuclear Testing in Australia

    Students will work in small groups to research the history and implications of nuclear testing in an... read more

    Two Years Before the Mast

    Two Years Before the Mast is a powerful 19th century personal narrative that will provide students w... read more

    The Jungle

    The Jungle by Upton Sinclair unveils the horrible injustices of Chicago's meat packing industry at t... read more

    Cooperative Learning

    Get information on cooperative learning, an instructional strategy in which small groups of students... read more

    Jigsaw Groups for Cooperative Learning

    Jigsaw is a grouping strategy in which the members of the class are organized into groups then rearr... read more

    Teaching with Cooperative Learning

    Learn the basics of successfully teaching your class with the cooperative learning method. Group pr... read more

    Addressing Challenging Team Dynamics

    Distribute a chart that lists common behavior by students working in a group setting. Learn how to r... read more

    How Students Learn

    Discover the laws of learning and how students use the knowledge they acquire in the classroom. New ... read more

    Cooperative Learning 2

    Use this form to record how students cooperate with others. This is a great way to assess your students progress throughout the school year. read more

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