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    Bats at the Library Event Kit

    Kids and librarians will go batty for the fun activities in this Bats at th... read more


    Tacky Goes to Camp Event Kit

    Host your own camp out event with Tacky the Penguin. This event kit include... read more


    Zathura: A Space Adventure Event Kit

    Host a Zathura reading event in your classroom or school library. This even... read more


    Read All About It Event Kit

    Get pupils excited about reading by hosting a Read All About It event in yo... read more


    Roscoe Riley Rules Event Kit

    Extend children's enjoyment of the Roscoe Riley Rules series with these pri... read more

    Literature Guide

    Reading Guide for That Book Woman

    Enhance students' reading experience with this printable literature guide f... read more

    Themed Packet

    Research Activities Printables Slideshow

    Discover a variety of research activities using this slideshow of printable... read more

    Themed Packet

    Library Activities Printables Slideshow

    Students will learn how to navigate the different areas of the library, rea... read more


    What Is Chlorogalum pomeridianum?

    This printable asks children to research this plant using encyclopedias and... read more


    Encyclopedia Prehistorica Teacher's Guide

    Full of exciting arts & crafts projects, games, writing prompts, and resear... read more


    Bear Wants More Event Kit

    Host a Bear Snores On and Bear Wants More party event in your classroom! Th... read more


    Kaufman Focus Guides by Kenn Kaufman

    Encourage students to learn about nature with the activities, discussion qu... read more