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Fire Prevention Week was established to remember the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which began on October 8. Use these worksheets, activities, and lessons to teach your students about fire safety and prevention. Prepare your students for emergency situations with worksheets and literature on fire readiness. October is Fire Prevention Month, but any time of the year is appropriate to enjoy these resources.

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Fire Safety & Prevention Slideshow

Educate students about fire safety and prevention. This slideshow includes ... read more

Daily Warm-Ups

The Firefighter Reading Warm-Up

Students read a fictional passage about firefighters and answer comprehensi... read more


Fire Department Word Search

Familiarize children with fire safety terms as they look for vocabulary rel... read more


Extinguishing a Fire

Use the activity in this printable to demonstrate how to fight a fire.... read more


Escape Plan

Draw a route that will get you out of your house quickly and safely in the ... read more


Firefighters' Tools

Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on recognizing ... read more


Fire Maze

Students find a way through the maze to help the firefighters find the wate... read more


Fire Chief's Helmet

Use the pattern in this printable to create a Fire Chief's helmet out of co... read more


An Important Message About Fire Prevention

Smokey Bear was created in the 1940s to promote forest fire awareness among... read more


Fire Drill

Send this activity home with students for families to plan a fire escape ro... read more


Fire Engines by Anne Rockwell

Enhance reading abilities with an activity that enriches and expands childr... read more


The Fire Reading Activity

Increase reading abilities with an activity that build skills in drawing lo... read more


Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms

Enrichment activities and internet resources to enhance the teaching of Eve... read more

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