Studying Tips for Better Memory Recall

Brought to you by Nodma, this printable from Memory for Kids will teach students about episodic memory and help them develop and practice recall skills.

In this activity, students learn about episodic memory and then complete a fun activity designed to test their recall memory.
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Teaching Strategies:
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This resource is brought to you by Nodma. Memory for Kids is a memory course app designed to help kids aged 9-12 improve their memory function and supercharge their learning abilities! Featuring engaging animated characters, helpful instructional videos, fun memory exercises, and interesting facts and trivia, Memory for Kids boosts memory and sharpens minds!

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Memory Enhancement for Kids

Memory is an interactive course from Nodma that will help children and young adults dramatically improve their memory, recall, and study skills for better day-to-day performance in and out of the classroom. Memory helps students learn and apply proven techniques for optimizing memory enhancement.

The Memory course includes complete coverage of memory ehnacement techniques and their applications. Created with engaging colorful animated characters, really helpful instructional videos, fun memory exercises, and interesting facts and trivia, Memory will help students remember better, absorb more from their learning, and perform better on tests! Perfect for back-to-school, standardized test prep, and reading-intensive classes like literature, social studies, and science.

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