Pitchers: Baseball Hall of Fame

Learn about the pitchers who have been inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.
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This page lists pitchers, such as Fergie Jenkins and Jerome Dean, who have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Alexander, Grover 1911–1930
Bender, Charles (Chief) 1903–1925
Brown, Mordecai (3-Finger) 1903–1916
Brown, Ray11931–1945
Bunning, Jim 1955–1971
Carlton, Steve 1965–1988
Chesbro, John 1899–1909
Clarkson, John 1882–1894
Cooper, Andy11920–1941
Coveleski, Stanley 1912–1928
Day, Leon11935–1955
Dean, Jerome (Dizzy) 1930–1947
Drysdale, Don 1956–1969
Eckersley, Dennis1975–1998
Faber, Urban (Red) 1914–1933
Feller, Robert 1936–1956
Fingers, Rollie 1968–1985
Ford, Edward (Whitey) 1950–1967
Foster, Andrew (Rube)11897–1926
Foster, Bill11923–1937
Galvin, James (Pud) 1876–1892
Gibson, Bob 1959–1975
Gomez, Vernon (Lefty) 1930–1943
Griffith, Clark 1891–1914
Grimes, Burleigh 1916–1934
Grove, Robert (Lefty) 1925–1941
Haines, Jesse 1918–1937
Hoyt, Waite 1918–1938
Hubbell, Carl 1928–1943
Hunter, Jim (Catfish) 1965–1979
Jenkins, Ferguson 1965–1983
Johnson, Walter 1907–1927
Joss, Adrian 1902–1910
Keefe, Timothy 1880–1893
Koufax, Sanford (Sandy) 1955–1966
Lemon, Robert 1946–1958
Lyons, Theodore 1923–1946
Marichal, Juan 1960–1975
Marquard, Richard (Rube) 1908–1924
Mathewson, Christopher 1900–1916
McGinnity, Joseph 1899–1908
Méndez, José11908–1926
Newhouser, Hal 1939–1955
Nichols, Charles (Kid) 1890–1906
Niekro, Phil1959–1987
Paige, Leroy (Satchel)11926–1965
Palmer, Jim 1965–1984
Pennock, Herbert 1912–1934
Perry, Gaylord 1962–1983
Plank, Edward 1901–1917
Radbourn, Charles (Hoss) 1880–1891
Rixey, Eppa 1912–1933
Roberts, Robert (Robin) 1948–1966
Rogan, Wilber (Joe)11920–1938
Ruffing, Charles (Red) 1924–1947
Rusie, Amos 1889–1901
Ryan, Nolan, Jr. 1966–1993
Seaver, Tom 1967–1986
Smith, Hilton Lee1 1932–1948
Spahn, Warren 1942–1965
Sutter, Bruce 1976–1988
Sutton, Don1966–1988
Vance, Arthur (Dazzy) 1915–1935
Waddell, Rube 1897–1910
Walsh, Edward 1904–1917
Welch, Michael (Mickey) 1880–1892
Wilhelm, Hoyt 1952–1972
Williams, Joseph1 1910–1932
Willis, Vic 1898–1910
Wynn, Early 1939–1963
Young, Denton (Cy) 1890–1911
1. Negro League or pre-Negro League player selected by special committee.

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