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Space Sciences Teacher Resources

These printables, lessons, and activities for space sciences are out of this world! Encourage students to explore what is known about the universe, and imagine what is still to be discovered with these cross-curricular teaching resources. There are handouts for elementary, intermediate, and secondary students on a variety of subjects. From determining students' weight in space to making a miniature comet, you'll find fun activities for math, art, technology, science, language arts, and more!

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

Astronomy Through the Ages Mini-Lesson
Meet the Planets Mini-Lesson
More Mini-Lessons

DK Worksheets

Stars & Planets Worksheets
More DK Worksheets

Printables for Grades K-4

Moon Phases
Constellations: Pictures in the Sky Lesson Plan
Our Growing Planet
Moon's Phases Lesson Plan
Reading Comprehension: The Moon
Zodiac Constellations
The Great Space Race
More Popular Space Sciences Printables

Printables for Grades 5-8

Force and Motion
Our Growing Planet
Moon's Phases Lesson Plan
Zodiac Constellations
Build a Scale Model of the Solar System
Earth, Moon, Sun, and Seasons -- Activity
Disaster in the Air: Challenger Space Shuttle
More Popular Space Sciences Printables

Printables for Grades 9-12

Solar System Test
Measuring the Solar System
What Causes Seasons?
Earth, Moon, Sun, and Seasons -- Lecture Notes and Facts
What Are Solstices and Equinoxes?
Solar System Trading Cards
Test: The Motions of Earth, the Sun & the Moon
More Popular Space Sciences Printables


Solar System Quiz
Fields of Science Quiz

Lesson Plans

Gravity and Weight on Other Planets
Make Your Own Solar Eclipse
Inertia in Motion
More Space Sciences Lesson Plans

Space Graphic Organizers

Earth: Landform or Body of Water
KWL Chart - Earth and Sky
What Do You Know About the Moon?
The Moon and Stars
Sunrise and Sunset
Stars Writing Activity


Global Warming: So, What's the Big Deal?
Tracking the Space Station
Planet Facts and Figures
Neptune Facts and Figures
Eclipses of the Sun and Moon, 2005 - 2015
Earth Facts and Figures
History of the Calendar
More Space Sciences References

Space Activities for Science Class

Force and Motion
Astronomy Printables Gallery
The Sun
Space Play: Tour of the Solar System
Inertia in Motion
How Are Day and Night Different?
The Big Bang: An Expanding Universe
More Popular Space Activities for Science Class

Technology Resources for Space Sciences

Sample the Solar System
Studying the Solar System with Spreadsheets
Star Magnitude Graphing
The Nine Planets
How Distant Are the Planets from the Sun?
More Popular Technology Resources for Science Class

Space & Mathematics Connected

Our Growing Planet
Bringing the Solar System Down to Earth
Space Dot-to-Dot (1-10)
Literature & Math: Stories about Planets
Distances Between the Planets
Understanding the Moon Illusion
More Math Activities for Space Sciences

Digital Books

Eyewitness: Space Exploration
Eyewitness: Astronomy
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Life Science
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Space & Art Connected

An Illustrated Astronomy Glossary
Science and Language Arts: Moon Story
Science and Technology: Observing Space
Explaining the Winter Solstice
Zathura: A Space Adventure Event Kit
Color the Words in the Stars
Science Fun: Telescope Puzzle
Spaceship Color by Number
Outer Space Coloring Page
Martian Doodle Page

Language Arts Activities

Planetary Facts
Winter Solstice Activities
The Solar System: Vocabulary
A Visit to Outer Space Writing Activity
The Atmosphere
Exploring the Universe: Vocabulary
Science Reading Warm-Up: Mercury
More Popular Language Arts Activities for Space Sciences

Social Studies Activities

Our Growing Planet
The First Man in Space
Early Astronomers
Dr. Mae Jemison Coloring Page
People in Space: The Pioneers
One Small Step and Mission to the Moon
More Social Studies Activities for Space Sciences

Space & History Connected

Dr. Mae Jemison Coloring Page
Science, Technology, and Society: Robots in Space
Halley's Comet
Plotting the Apollo Landing Sites
Benjamin Banneker, Astronomer
Women in Space: Sally Ride and Christa McAuliffe
Space Shuttles
More History Resources for Space Sciences

Resources on Planets

Our Growing Planet
Gravity and Weight on Other Planets
Touring the Solar System
Winter Solstice Activities
Scale Model of the Planets
Water on Planet Earth
Solar System Trading Cards
More Popular Resources on Planets

Space Exploration Resources

A Day in Space Sub Kit (Grades 5-6)
Dr. Mae Jemison Coloring Page
Design Your Own Space Suit
Space Shuttle
Living in Space
Living in Space
Mission: New Earth
More Popular Space Exploration Resources

Solar System Resources

The Solar System
Sample the Solar System
Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors - Review Sheet
Stars and Galaxies
Bringing the Solar System Down to Earth
Stars, Galaxies, and Constellations Quiz
Solar System Trading Cards
More Popular Solar System Resources

Related Resources

Eclipse Resources
Environmental Science Resources

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