Improving EQ for Kids: Anger Management

Brought to you by Nodma, this printable student activity from the spellbinding adventure game EQ for Kids/ Magdelonia’s Last Hope will help you educate your students about the importance of anger management and controlling one’s temper/emotions.

In this activity, students are presented with a difficult interpersonal situation designed to test a child’s patience. After reading through the scenario, students are asked to pick the correct sentences and place them in proper order.

Teaching Tip: Model the activity for the class by asking students to cite instances in the past that made them feel really angry and frustrated, or a situation where they lost their patience. Talk about the value of having self-control. After students complete the worksheet, ask the class to share some tips they might have on how they control their temper when they’re feeling angry, frustrated or impatient.
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Teaching Strategies:

This resource from EQ for Kids/Magdelonia’s Last Hope adventure courseware is brought to you through the collaboration of iGrow, authors Benedict Lim and Maria Plengsangtip and Nodma.
iGrow is an award-winning psychological consultancy group that provides human and psychological capital solutions to help individuals, families, and communities achieve their goals. The group’s mission is to impact society by constantly striving to be the thought leader, advocate and enabler of happiness at work.

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Excerpted from

EQ for Kids: Magedelonia's Last Hope
iGrow, Benedict Lim, Maria Plengsangtip

EQ for Kids: Magdelonia’s Last Hope is a two-in-one spellbinding adventure game and interactive learning app that promotes the value of EQ (emotional intelligence) for middle school students.

Developed by child psychologists and designed with age-appropriate pedagogy, this app enables children to have FUN learning experiences through captivating animations, fun games, and interactive quizzes that will develop their EQ & social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies.

The interactive games and bite-sized learning experiences will delight and engage children - and parents, teachers and counselors will love the caregiver report feature, It also features a caregiver report that’s really helpful for providing support to children who are developing their EQ & social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies.

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