Top 15 Pieces of Advice from Veteran Teachers

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Realize that you will make mistakes, because becoming a teacher did not make you perfect.

  • Don't be afraid to apologize to your students when you have made a mistake.
  • Realize that the lesson plan is just that – a plan. Remember, we make plans every day of our life but rarely do we carry them out 100% of the time.
  • Get a good night's sleep every night.
  • Read, read, read as much about the teaching profession as you can.
  • Join a professional organization.
  • Write your name in permanent ink on the front of everything you own in your classroom. Teachers are notorious for borrowing something of interest and then forgetting where they got it from.
  • Don't let your teaching job become your life! Of all the professions in the world, teachers could easily work themselves to death because so much in this world can be used to teach our students.

Henry Gail McGinnis
V. I. Grissom Elementary
Houston, TX
Grade Levels: 3-5

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