Shifting Instruction With Five Core Practices

Do you want to learn more about the College and Career Standards, and how to bring them to life in your classroom? In this course you will learn the 5 Core Practices to help students love learning and foster curiosity of the world. This course focuses on how to put those practices into place in your classroom.
Teaching Strategies:
Updated on: February 12, 2019

Are your students College and Career Ready?  Bring College and Career Standards to life in your classroom. Learn how to effectively implement College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) and prepare your students for success beyond graduation. Dr. Richard Nyankori and Dr. Michael Moody present the 5 Core Practices to help students love learning and foster curiosity of the world. This course focuses on teaching for mastery and putting these practices to use in your classroom. Hear from other teachers that have used the 5 Core Practices to promote deeper student thinking and reasoning, design CCRS-aligned instruction, and deliver high impact lessons in their classrooms. This course includes videos of authentic classroom practice, a coach to provide personalized feedback, and flexibility to engage with the content on your schedule.

  • Practical guidance from an expert on how to effectively implement College and Career Ready Standards
  • Convenient, flexible online format
  • 45 PD hours or 3 graduate credits
Skills You'll Learn

In this course, you'll learn the Five Core Practices and some of their basic characteristics. You will also learn the ways they can be integrated and connected to classroom instruction.

Course Overview

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About the Instructor

Dr. Michael Moodybegan his career as a middle school teacher in Oakland, California ready to change the world. And it didn’t take long for him to realize he had a tendency for working to disrupt the status quo in a field that is nothing if not “traditional.”

In the many years since that first day in the classroom, Dr. Moody has served as an elementary teacher, instructional coach, school leader, district administrator, and consultant. In each of these roles he aspired to maintain a keen focus on ensuring that all students have equitable access to educational outcomes that will enable them to lead their fullest lives.

Dr. Michael Moody co-founded Insight Education Group and Insight ADVANCE to bring that aspiration to life. Both organizations were founded on the premise that high-quality educators are the key to student success. And it is this belief that continues to inspire his work today.

With successes spanning from the implementation of nationwide educator support initiatives to serving as Chief Academic Advisor in D.C. Public Schools (Washington, DC), Dr. Moody has supported numerous school, district and state leaders in the development and implementation of initiatives to support (and measure) educator effectiveness. Always challenging the status quo, he works with education organizations on the design and implementation of educator support models that actually work.

Through effective design and implementation of professional learning models, as well as the use of EDTech to further increase the effectiveness of such models, Michael is determined to transform how educators are supported with the very lofty goal of providing every student in this country with instructional opportunities that will give them the foundation they need to both imagine their future and then achieve it – regardless of their race or socio-economic status.

Dr. Moody earned a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University, a master's degree in education with an emphasis on teaching and curriculum from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Southern California.

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