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Readers Theater Script: Zia

By writing a Readers Theater script for Zia, by Scott O'Dell, students will... read more


Readers Theater Script: Johnny Tremain

Students develop a script for Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes, the story o... read more


Readers Theater Script: Journey Home

This Readers Theater script is from Journey Home, by Yoshiko Uchida. Studen... read more


Readers Theater Script: The Drinking Gourd

This Readers Theater script for The Drinking Gourd, by F. N. Monjo, deals w... read more


Jerry Spinelli on Milkweed

Jerry Spinelli answers questions about his compelling, brilliantly written ... read more


Pedro's Journal Literature Guide

The literature guide for Pedro's Journal, a story about Columbus' travels, ... read more

Literature Guide

Number the Stars

The Newbery Award-winning book, Number the Stars, has educated many childre... read more

Themed Packet

Historical Fiction Printables Slideshow

There are literature guides, discussion questions, reading graphic organize... read more

Literature Guide

Dolls of Hope Teaching Guide

This teaching guide provides discussion questions and Common Core-aligned e... read more

Teacher Discussion Guide

Cloud and Wallfish Discussion Guide

This discussion guide for the historical novel Cloud and Wallfish includes ... read more


Number the Stars Character Jeopardy

After reading Lois Lowry's classic novel Number the Stars, play this game o... read more


Guests Enrichment Packet

Distribute this printable worksheet that extends students' learning and enh... read more


Reader's Stew

Develop library-skills with an activity that focuses on literature apprecia... read more


Girl in Hyacinth Blue

Explore teaching activities to extend and enrich the student understanding ... read more

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