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Literature Guide

Martina and Chrissie Teaching Guide

Use this teaching guide to integrate the picture-book biography of friends ... read more

Literature Guide

Call Me By My Name Curriculum Guide

Call Me By My Name by John Ed Bradley will open students' eyes to the trans... read more


Negro League Baseball

Learn about the Negro League from the late 1800's through the 1940's in the... read more


The Roots of Women's Rights

Seneca Falls Convention, marriage laws, and other topics are discussed in t... read more


Notable Quotes by Women

From Toni Morrison to Abigail Adams -- this collection of famous quotes is ... read more


Equality in Sports for Women

The passage of Title IX was supposed to guarantee equality for women in ama... read more


Amelia Earhart

Learn about the heroism of Amelia Earhart and her many interesting endeavor... read more


The Fight Against Lynching

Ask students to research the effort to end lynching in the early twentieth ... read more


Rosa Parks Coloring Page

Students will colour their way to learning about civil rights activist Rosa... read more


Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Page

This coloring book page features a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., C... read more


Women in "Her" Story

Enjoy an art project that focuses on overlooked women in history. This less... read more


The Kindness-Catcher Camera

In this skill-building lesson, children study photographs and learn how to ... read more

Teacher Discussion Guide

A Teacher's Guide to Discussing the Holocaust

Enhance understanding of the Holocaust with a teaching guide that offers re... read more


Civil and Human Rights Discussion Guide

Enhance understanding with a teaching guide that offers suggestions for tal... read more


Amelia Earhart's Solo Flight

Interesting facts and fun activities related to Amelia Earhart, the first w... read more

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