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Solving Analogies

Student Instructions: Explanation of analogy types and solving analogies.... read more


The Summer of the Swans

This touching story follows the life of a young girl in search of her missi... read more


Where Students Can Publish

If you are interested in having your students' writing published, send thei... read more


Literary Glossary

The definitions of literary terms such as memoir, tragicomedy, comedy, and ... read more


Character Traits

Use this lengthy list of character traits to help students understand and d... read more


Sailing: Women in Sports

Share these achievements of women sailors with your pupils. Pupils will ima... read more


Gun Safety—What Would You Do?

Students answer what they would do if they found a gun. For use with The Go... read more

Themed Packet

Story Writing Printables Slideshow

Inside this slideshow, you'll find a variety of story starters to inspire y... read more

Themed Packet

Capitalization Printables Slideshow

Students demonstrate their grammar knowledge and improve capitalization ski... read more

Slideshow Gallery

Bulletin Boards Printables Slideshow

Find great ideas for your bulletin board, such as careers, ecology, seasons... read more

Slideshow Gallery

Creative Writing Printables Slideshow

These prompts and activities will help improve your students' writing skill... read more

Graphic Organizer

Top 10 Writing Graphic Organizers Gallery

Most teachers reinforce students' skills and understanding with graphic org... read more


Bio Poem Handout

Use this template when writing a bio poem, a great format for students to w... read more


Alliteration and Assonance

Review two literary techniques, alliteration and assonance, with this works... read more


Poetry Terms Quiz

Administer a quiz that gauges students' knowledge of poetry types and terms... read more


Same Name Word Puzzle

Students use their critical thinking skills to unscramble names in foreign ... read more


Favorite Foods

Use writing prompts to get students' imaginations and writing skills flowin... read more

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